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  • Where Does Lady Gaga Live?

    lady gaga at home in malibu

    The past few months haven’t been easy. With all of us confined to our homes, with little distractions other than binging Netflix shows to keep our mind off the news, we’ve had to forfeit many of the things that bring us joy. But since we’re all determined to make the most out of a bad […] More

  • Soap Actress Jen Lilley is Selling her Cozy, HGTV-Featured Condo

    jen lilley condo for sale

    “Days of Our Lives” alum and Hallmark darling Jen Lilley is selling a charming condo set in a gated community in Pacoima, CA. The apartment is listed with Laura Pardini of Compass and priced at $365,000. In line with the perfectly styled interiors Lilley is shown on screen with, her impeccable two-bedroom combines different textures […] More

  • Smaller Home or Condo? 4 Key Aspects to Consider Before Buying Big

    interesting balconies condo

    I like to think we’ve become a little less obsessed with the notion of “living large”. Whether it’s prompted by a desire to keep costs down and focus on the more important things in life, or the stress relief provided by not holding onto more things than we have to, something seems to have fundamentally […] More

  • This L.A. Traditional was Once Home to Legendary Actor Burt Lancaster


    If you’re nostalgic for the Golden Age of Hollywood and want to capture part of the charm of the period, here’s a little something to take you back: legendary actor Burt Lancaster’s family home in Beachwood Canyon. Lancaster, a four-time nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actor (with one win under his belt), starred in many […] More

  • How to Turn Your Kitchen Into Every Coffee Lover’s Dream

    home coffee bar

    If you’re a coffee lover, you know that drinking coffee is a complex and nuanced experience, from the rich aroma, comforting warmth, to the actual ritual of sitting down with a fresh cup in the morning, getting ready for the day that lies ahead. So why not make your kitchen accommodate for the best possible […] More

  • Elon Musk was Serious about Selling his Possessions, Lists Two Homes on Zillow

    elon musk selling possessions

    Given Elon Musk’s many controversial and outright bizarre tweets in the past weeks, you’d be forgiven for missing the one he sent out renouncing all physical possessions. But apparently, the Tesla CEO very much meant what he tweeted on May 1st, when he said he’ll be selling all his earthly possessions and “devoting himself to […] More

  • This $25M Estate in Montecito is the Perfect Beachfront Retreat

    stunning luxury home in montecito

    If ever was a time to daydream about living next to the beach and waking up to magnificent views of the ocean every morning, now would be it. And for one lucky buyer — whose pockets run $25 million deep — that dream might just come true, once they set their eyes on this stunning […] More

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