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  • Should You Get a Home Warranty for Your Fancy Home?

    beautiful kitchen with appliances

    Having a nicely set up home means having a lot of fancy gadgets and appliances as well as sophisticated systems to keep it running. But you should never forget that no matter how fancy those devices are, they can (and will) break down eventually. The question here is whether you should pay out of pocket […] More

  • Breathtaking Mansion Ready to Hit the Auction Block in Naples, Florida

    naples luxury auction

    Autumn is officially here, and for many of us, it’s a wonderful time of year. There are those, however, who are already missing the summer heat and long sunny days. Well, we have something very special for you summer-loving people, namely an exquisite Florida home that’s getting ready to hit the auction block November 2nd.   […] More

  • These 5 Homes for Sale Will Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

    The autumn season is finally upon us, and there’s no better way to embrace the fall spirit than to go down the spooky path. There’s nothing like it, really; once that crisp morning air hits, it’s like everything comes back to life, and all we want to do as the day grows shorter is to […] More

  • Convert Your Garage into a Fancy AirBnB Property

    house with garage airbnb

    Do you have a garage that you never use? If your answer is yes, why not convert this vacant space into a comfortable, yet stylish, AirBnB rental property? By doing so, you will make an additional annual income, and it can add great resale value to your home alongside providing you with an additional annual […] More

  • This Is How Real Estate Investors Use Interior Design to Make a Property More Appealing

    beautiful interiors

    Interior design goes beyond simply accessorizing a house with decorations. Anyone can decorate a home or property, but learning how to design an interior properly is a different skill set altogether. Interior design enhances the beauty, functionality, and style of a property with the intent of making it instantly more appealing to guests and visitors. […] More

  • Cara Delevigne’s House in Los Angeles is a Jungle-Themed Retreat

    cara delevigne house in los angeles

    The two sisters bought the house from singer and actor Jared Leto, and they extensively redecorated it to fit their needs (and quirks), turning it into a charming ‘home-away-from-home’ that showcases a killer combination of quirky retro stylings and brightly colored interiors. More

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