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  • The 15 Best Luxury Candles on Amazon to Brighten your Home & Complement your Decor

    wooden candle home decor amazon

    After falling in love with scents of lavender, matcha, citruses and other fruit (with fancies names) and filling the house with small scented candles on the verge of burning out, I had to up my game to larger scented candles. And going into my options for larger jars, I found this wonderful new world of possibilities to play around with scented candles for home decor! More

  • 7 Great Ways to Bring More Light into Your Bedroom: A Guide to Bedroom Lighting

    colorful bedroom design

    Many people overlook lighting when designing their dream bedroom. However, it should be given just as much attention as paint colors and soft furnishings. If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a much-needed transformation, you need to come up with a lighting plan which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are seven tips on […] More

  • Mega Stylish Two-Family Townhouse in Bed-Stuy Asks $2.95 Million

    two-family townhouse for sale in bed stuy

    While most homes that line the streets of Brooklyn’s coveted Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood are brownstones that seem like they could use a little updating, this stunning townhouse is set on breaking the mold. The 567 Lafayette property is a breathtaking townhouse with a “new development” vibe. Split into two units, an extravagant, smart home on the […] More

  • Is it Real? Skyfall, James Bond’s Childhood Home in the Scottish Highlands


    Skyfall, the childhood home of James Bond, did more than just give a catchy title — and provide a nice explosion site — for the 23rd movie in the James Bond series. It put James Bond’s story into context and gave us a glimpse into how 007 was born (both literally and figuratively), serving as […] More

  • Right at Your Door: Home Decor Subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Interiors

    home decor subscription box

    *This article contains affiliate links I’ll start by admitting that I’m a sucker for subscription boxes. For the past 6 months, I’ve started subscribing to quite a few, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of each and every one. Just because it’s nice to get a box full of gifts for yourself — things […] More

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