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  • This $26.5M Home in L.A. Comes with a Massive Star Wars-Themed Basement

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    While Star Wars actor John Boyega is holding headlines and making us cry with an emotional, now-viral video of him gifting a brand new house in London to his unassuming parents, this other home closer to Hollywood got us starstruck (pun intended) for completely different reasons. A Los Angeles home recently hit the market with […] More

  • The Byrde Family House in ‘Ozark’ is Actually in Georgia

    the lake house in the ozark series

    With a new season out of what’s arguably Netflix’s attempt to appeal to Breaking Bad fans everywhere, Ozark is a welcome distraction — and the perfect thing to binge this week. And while waiting to see what the Byrde’s are off to in Season 3, we thought we’d scoop around and learn more about that […] More

  • Hearing Colors? Here’s What Colors to Choose in Your Home Based on Your Taste in Music

    Chromesthesia and home decor experiement

    ‘Hearing colors’ — I bet you’re all familiar with this expression already, but did you know that it’s actually a thing? It’s a rare neurological condition called chromesthesia, which affects roughly 1 in 3,000 people. For people with chromesthesia, listening to a certain genre or musical piece can automatically trigger different color visualizations associated with […] More

  • Kitchen Cleanup Checklist: A Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Breakdown of Tasks

    bright kitchen granite countertops

    Many lines have been written on the importance of cleanliness and household chores (remember that iconic speech by U.S. Admiral McRaven, urging us all to make our beds in the morning?) and the role they play in maintaining our mental and physical health. And since we now see ourselves in a position to spend far […] More

  • All the Glamorous Penthouses, Suites, and Lofts in Gossip Girl

    all the glamorous apartments in gossip girl

    With not much left to do than stay inside and watch TV, I’ve been looking for that perfect show to binge while purposefully avoiding turning on the news. And since Netflix’ middle name is Keeping You Distracted (or sure as hell should be), I didn’t have to look all that far to find the perfect […] More

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