Paige A. Mitchell

Paige is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing practical advice on how to make our homes healthier, more functional, and most enjoyable.

  • light bulb home energy

    Why It’s Good to Have a Home Generator

    As of late, more and more people equip their homes with a home generator. And why shouldn’t they? Whether it’s about protecting their house or ensuring a reliable power source for their family, a portable generator can turn out to be a man’s great friend at home in times of need. If you’re on the […] More

  • architecture-unique-buildings-abstract

    A Day in the Mind of An Architect — 7 Things that Inspire Them

    As you’ve probably been noticing in the course of the past decades, home design has been evolving at a rapid pace, with more creative adaptations of traditional homes popping up all over the world. Some are specially designed to cater to the owner’s quirks, others pay tribute to more established architecture styles, while others aim […] More

  • smart home and smart appliances

    Are High-Tech Home Appliances Really Upgrades?

    Smart phones, smart watches, smart cars. We’re surrounded by smart technology on a daily basis, and it’s become an integral part of life for most people, it’s only natural to want to bring more of it into our homes as well. But what about newer high-tech home appliances? Are these items really worth the upgrade […] More