A Look Inside Kris Jenner’s House, Her Zen-like Refuge in Hidden Hills

Kris Jenner is stylish, sophisticated, and clad in designer brands; so is her Hidden Hills sanctuary home.

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*Please note that this article was written in 2019, and the famous momager has since moved into a new home. To see more recent information on Kris Jenner’s current digs, read our article on Keeping Up With the Incredible Homes of the Kardashians — the 2022 Edition.

You don’t know whether to focus on the humongous (Apertio) glass entrance door, the contemporary wall art right behind her in the living room, the pool that you can see across the sliding glass doors at the other end of house or the dynamic lady standing right in front of you.

Kris Jenner is sophisticated, stylish and superbly talented; and as she shows around her understated Hidden Hills sanctuary to the team of Architectural Digest, you get an even better insight into her taste and personality.

The house’s design was a collaboration between Waldo Fernandez and the team of Kathleen and Tommy Clements — a dynamic mother/son duo that left their mark on countless celebrity pads, including Jessica Alba’s hilltop home, Adam Levine’s art-filled house, and daughter Kendall’s beautiful retreat in Beverly Hills.

And though she completely left the designing in the hands of the pros, the Hollywood momager had a clear vision of what she wanted her home to be like.

Kris Jenner’s house was envisioned as a ‘Zenlike’ refuge, a much-needed source of tranquility in her otherwise hectic life. And ‘calm’ is a word that you will hear her use again and again while she shows off her understated, comfortable and yet luxuriously elegant home.

Kris Jenner’s House: Style, Design, Space and Love

The house has an open space floor plan. As you enter through the front door, you see glimpses of the entire house, from the living area on the left to the family room and kitchen right across the hall.

The natural wood floors merge well with white walls, earthy tones of the upholstery and accents of brass, concrete, pottery, and carefully curated artworks. The contemporary artworks showcased all around the house are the right amount of pop in the otherwise muted décor.

Miss Jenner may love her peace and quiet, but what she loves more is having her family and their offspring around. The open kitchen is adorned with dark teal painted cabinetry and tufted stools covered in luxe upholstery.

But what draws your attention is the big batch of homemade cookies on the countertop, ready to be devoured by her grandchildren who visit often.

The dining area too has been designed keeping her love for entertaining, with an eight-person custom made round dining table, a Yoshitomo Nara artwork hanging on one of the walls, a Credenza (which she bought from Ellen Degeneres) designed by Charlotte Perriand and accents of green planters.

Kris Jenner Loves Her Fireplaces

During an interview of Kylie Jenner’s house to AD, Kris shared her love for fireplaces, “fireplaces are really important to me” she had confided. And that love shows throughout her Hidden Hills home.

The custom bronze fireplace in her living looks like a work of art all in itself while the one in the family room is located under the television; making it the perfect spot to cozy up on a sofa for some screen time.

Her Favorite Designer Furniture Pieces Around the House

Not everyone can fit comfort and sophistication in the same room, but Kris Jenner’s house is not just anybody’s home either.

Though the Kardashian mother-in-chief’s home does feel like the sanctuary she had asked for, at the same time it is adorned with designer furniture pieces carefully curated to her needs of style and comfort, with some donning their own little background story.

Be it the chair in her closet designed by Pierre Jeanneret, the grand piano sitting under the stairs gifted to her by her daughter Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye or the little mid-century liquor cabinet adorning the living room; they all jell perfectly well into her hidden enclave.

The Lalon sheep in the family room is another focal point of her decor; Kris Jenner, during her interview to AD, shares a candid video of Chrisy Teigen sitting on it after enjoying a glass of wine (you just have to watch the video to catch her in the act.)

Kris Jenner’s home is by all means an answer to all those you-can’t-have-it-all reality checks we all give ourselves. It’s not every day that you see mid-century furniture pieces combined with contemporary artwork and then paired with muted undertones AND THEN topped with bold sculptures and eye catching décor pieces. But then again, there’s nothing ordinary about this star momager and her dynamic, multi-talented family, is there?

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