10 Security Mistakes You May Be Making That are Putting Your Home at Risk

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Home security is an issue that everyone needs to take seriously. Unfortunately, many people may be inadvertently overlooking some aspects that may not seem like much, but that can end up putting the security of their homes and families at risk.

Here are ten common home security mistakes that can be easily corrected.

Hiding spare keys outside

It is convenient to have a spare key hidden outside just in case you get locked out of your home. It’s also easy for intruders to find them.

If you must hide a spare key outside of your home, you should never put it in an obvious place. Don’t hide it under the mat or above a light fixture, or any other element that might stand out.

Having large foliage right next to your home

By having large foliage right next to your home, you could be creating a place for intruders to disguise themselves.

They can easily hide inside of a bush or behind a tree. If you must have foliage right next to your home, you should choose items that are small in size and aren’t very dense.

Not having proper lights

It’s all too easy for intruders to hide in the dark. You can easily solve this by having an adequate amount of lighting outside of your home.

Don’t forget to put your lighting system on a timer as well. This will allow your lights to automatically come on even when you are not at home.

well lit home security lights

Installing privacy fences

Many of us like our privacy. However, a privacy fence can put you in danger. These types of fences can make it all too easy for thieves to hide, and it can be difficult for a neighbor to spot an unauthorized person on your property. If you have a privacy fence, intruders can break into your home without anyone even seeing it.

Keeping valuables in plain sight

You could be inadvertently encouraging a thief to break into your home by having your valuables in plain sight.

Be mindful about leaving your blinds and curtains open. If you do plan on having them open to let in some natural light, you need to make sure things like jewelry and money aren’t in plain sight.

Not using your alarm system

smart home tech security system

A good home alarm or wireless security system is great for keeping intruders out of your home. However, you may not be using it like you should be.

Many homeowners forget to set their alarm. It really can’t do its job if it isn’t armed. Even if you have a sign in your yard that lets others know that you have an alarm, it won’t do much good if you never use the actual alarm system itself.

Posting too much personal information on social media

We all want to let our friends know when we go on vacation or have a fun evening out.

However, you could also be letting others know that your house will be empty for an extended period of time.

So it’s always better to post those vacation photos once your trip is over, whenever possible.

Letting your mail pile up

Many people don’t realize that their mail is one of the most common ways for intruders to find out when a home is empty. They will look in your mailbox to see if your mail has piled up for several days, and know to time their actions accordingly.

If you will be going out of town, have your mail service temporarily suspended. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to collect it for you while you are gone. 

Putting the packaging of expensive items by the trash can

If you put packaging from an expensive item like a laptop or tablet by your trash cans, you will be letting thieves know that you just purchased these items.

Instead of doing this, you should cut up the packaging so that it fits into your trash can or recycling bin. This will allow you to still throw away the packaging in a way where you won’t be announcing to everyone that you just bought an expensive item.

Not locking your doors in the daytime

home security door entrance

Burglaries don’t just happen at night. It’s actually very common for them to occur during the day as well.

In fact, many burglars target homes only during the day. This is because they assume that occupants are at school or work.

Don’t leave your doors unlocked when you aren’t at home. Even just a quick trip to the store can put your home at risk. You need to lock your doors no matter what time of day it is.

Don’t forget to check your windows as well. You’d be surprised at how easily an intruder can find their way into a home, even if it’s through a second-story window that you failed to lock.

In conclusion, many homes aren’t as secure as they can be. Many individuals are putting themselves at risk by making the security mistakes mentioned above. Fortunately, all of these mistakes can be avoided. By being mindful about security at all times, you can easily keep your home secure and keep intruders out. 

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