Convert Your Garage into a Fancy AirBnB Property

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Do you have a garage that you never use? If your answer is yes, why not convert this vacant space into a comfortable, yet stylish, AirBnB rental property?

By doing so, you will make an additional annual income, and it can add great resale value to your home alongside providing you with an additional annual income. As with any measure you decide to take, let’s look at a check-list you should consider when revamping your garage.

Check the rules and regulations

You can always convert your garage into a living space, but you must take local laws and regulations into consideration because some neighborhoods and cities have restrictions on how many people can live on a property. In case you fail to do this you will be responsible for any property damage or bodily damage caused to the renter or another individual.

Change the garage doors

One of the great assets of a cosy living space is access to sunlight and a scenic view. If you wish to add a nice touch of homeliness to your refurbished garage then you certainly need to consider changing the garage doors to a material that provides insulation and durability.

You can contact a garage door specialist to find the best material and style you can use to refurbish the doors. Also add windows to allow for the entry of sunlight.

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Add insulation and flooring

For every home, insulation, cooling, adequate ventilation, and flooring are a crux. Therefore, it’s important to give a decent amount of attention to how you plan to cool, heat and insulate the place. 

Cooling or heating can be provided by a separate electrical unit in the home or the same one, and insulating the walls and the ceiling is a great idea to maintain a nice temperature inside.

Garages normally have a lower floor level than the remaining house, so you would need to raise this level and decide whether you wish to for a carpet or tiled floor.

Create a bathroom & kitchen

Can you imagine living in a space that does not come with a bathroom or a kitchen? No one can!

Adding a small bathroom and a kitchenette is a great idea since it will give the appeal of home to a renter. When adding these rooms to the property, make sure to choose the right tiles, lights, paint, etc. to complement each room; taking help from a designer will be a good decision.

Paint the walls & add accessories

Vibrant paint on the walls of a house will add more life and oomph to it. You can consider painting each area of the house a different color to complement its purpose. For example, you can paint the kitchen yellow, and the bedroom, your favorite color.

When looking for paint you should consider its price, durability and other factors to get the most of it’s worth. Install lights that will make the paint stand out and add more accessories and furniture like shelves and couches to match the paint.


When the rental place is ready, it’s time to start advertising. Start by taking great pictures with the help of a good camera and write a short but attractive description of the rental space. Next, post these pictures on AirBnB and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to reach a wider audience. You should even try tagging your friends in the photos. to extend their reach.

If you had the apt resources to make more money, why would you not? If you have a garage that is in the state of neglect why not ruminate about remodeling it into a cosy, miniature apartment?

It’s a lucrative idea, and even if you don’t wish to put the place up for rent, you can always use it as a guest home, a mini-bar, or a kids’ playroom. But, before you start to renovate the place, you should fabricate a checklist and take all the measures, mentioned in the article above, into consideration.

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