How to Save Money with Virtual Home Staging

Get more potential buyers through the door by making it more appealing from the get-go. Here’s how virtual staging can help you with that.


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It’s no longer a secret that virtual staging directly impacts how fast your home catches the eye of a potential buyer — leading to a faster sale and more inquiries on the property.

Nowadays, given the availability of advanced resources, a real estate agent or savvy seller can easily turn the empty home into something that attracts ideal buyers at pocket-friendly prices. 

Did you know that around 80% of people use online tools to search for a home to buy? According to recent reports, staging makes easy for the client to visualize the property in advance to make up their final decision.

And since most people are not fully familiar with the concept of virtual staging, let’s jump right in and see what it entails — and how it can help your home stand out in front of prospective buyers, for all the right reasons.

virtual staging - home interior renderings

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is the representation of a home by digitally adding furniture, carpets, home decor, and a flattering color theme. Usually, it’s the real estate agent that recommends (and oversees) virtual staging for a property, if they feel that the current setup doesn’t necessarily reflect the full potential of a home. They then commission a company — or a member of their team, if they have someone onboard with the required design and tech skills — to stage the home for marketing materials and online listings.

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The main aim of virtual staging is to help buyers visualize the home and decide whether it could be a fit for their lifestyle and needs. Moreover, the digitally altered photos of the home could make the difference on whether said buyers end up touring the property or not, and subsequently whether they make the purchase or not.

Basically, virtual staging is a digital version of traditional staging, only considerably cheaper. Virtual staging services and their benefits are easier understood when you think of them in the context of online shopping: you don’t just want to see a piece of clothing thrown on a chair; you’ll want to see how said clothing looks on a person, how it fits with the rest of the outfit — and that’s exactly what virtual staging does for a home: it provides context for the use of a property beyond the list of technicalities and amenities.

What makes virtual staging cost-effective

In comparison with traditional staging, virtual staging is very cost-effective. There is no need to pay per room; you set a budget, find a good team to work with, and give them a timeframe to get back to you with the results, with edits and changes (even if considerable) being easily fitted in afterwards, if you’re not happy with the results.

There are many professionals around that can offer quality virtual staging at a very reasonable cost.  If unsure how to pick the best company to work with, look at their work history. Their portfolio will reflect their experience and the types of design they’re most comfortable with. And since what you need from them are attractive property photos that put a home in the “best light”, looking through their portfolios to see what type of work they’ve done in the past is the best possible indicator of quality.

Benefits of virtual staging

Increased selling rates

According to research, virtual staging increases the chances your property will sell by 20%, and will get considerably more potential buyers through the door. Why? Because you’ve made the property more appealing from the second your listing hit the World Wide Web: with beautiful pictures meant to help it stand out in a crowded real estate market, making it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

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Unique experience with 3D features

Innovative 3D features can easily be incorporated into your virtual staging, literally transporting potential buyers (even from other countries) into the home. On top of the regular benefit of getting people to actually see the house, you’ll likely get far more traction than other listings on the market because people don’t have to be there physically in order to tour the house.

This also adds a note of sophistication and exclusivity to your listing, without breaking the bank. So it’s worth considering virtual staging along with nifty 3D video tours as a solid investment prior to listing a home, as it will likely have a higher return on investment than having a new amenity added or a older room renovated. Leave those to the new owner and just help them picture what it could look like instead, but leave the ultimate choice to them.

3D house tours can work wonders on luxury properties, whose buyers are often travelling abroad and don’t have the time to hop on a plane whenever a new lavish property that meets their criteria comes to market.

Architectural features

The piles of paperwork have been replaced with 3D architectural renderings, and thank God for that.

Virtual staging allows you to quickly improve on design flaws or complement them with elements that work in their favor — without making any costly changes to the property itself.

How to virtually stage a home

The first step of virtual staging is to take pictures of your home. Start by taking pictures of your empty house, while paying attention to lighting — to make sure you get the most flattering angles.

Then reach out to your real estate agent, see if he has a team of professional designers he works with on a regular basis; more often than not, the agent can refer you to the best virtual staging professionals in your area, already highly trained in helping homes sell faster through the power of images.

Designers will then create virtual furniture, artwork, and add any other necessary decor items to complement (and enhance) the living space, as well as any outdoor areas (yes, they’ll make your backyard look awesome too). This will take time, but given the plethora of tools now available, you’re looking at a reasonably short turnaround time.  

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