Renovate Your Home on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips for your Next Home Renovation

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Home renovation is one of those things that are necessary from time to time, regardless if there is a genuine need to fix a problem or just to make your home look and feel better.

But renovations can be expensive depending on the type of work you are planning to carry out, which is why a lot of people decide to put it off for as long as they can.

Renovating on a budget can be easily doable if you devise the right plan. If you are thinking about how you can accomplish that, here are the best money saving tips that you can use to help you renovate your home on a budget.

Set a Budget

The first thing you need to do is obviously set a budget for yourself. However, that budget needs to be realistic and reflect the nature of work you are planning to carry out. After all, you can’t plan to refloor the entire house on a $500 budget.

To set a budget, first, see how much you can invest. Then evaluate the most important things that need to be done in order of priority and cost.

The money you can spend might not match what you are trying to achieve which is why planning is a must. See what you can do yourself and what would require a contractor. Contact some of the local contractors and ask for a quote so you can match expectations with reality – they can easily provide you with a quote by using an estimate app.

Reuse What You Have

Clearly, getting everything brand new when renovating is the ultimate dream. However, if you are on a tight budget it might be difficult to achieve that.

Look around your home and see what you can reuse. Some of the items might be in a good condition yet the external appearance might be worn out.

Look around to find ideas of how you can refresh old flooring and furniture, even bedroom and bathroom tiles and save money by fixing what you have instead of replacing the items.

renovating your home on a budget
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DIY Is Your Friend

When it comes to renovation, the optimal thing to do is just go on holiday and let someone carry the work out for you. We all know that due to finances that’s not possible for the majority of us. So factoring in some DIY is what can save you a lot of money when renovating your home.

Doing the paint job or buffing the old flooring and repainting it is something that you can definitely do yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of skill, you just need the right tools for the job.

Still, buying the tools and equipment will ultimately cost you less if you have some time on your hands, plus you will get to keep the equipment for future projects.

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Wait for Sales

Time plays a crucial role when it comes to renovation but in order to save money, you need to find the right time. Different things you will need for your renovation project go on sale at different times of the year.

That’s why gradually buying the things you need is a good idea, plus it won’t feel like a big burden on your budget as opposed to buying everything at once.

For example, Black Friday is a good time of the year to buy new technology items, the end of the summer is good for gardening tools and American holidays are the best time to buy appliances. Don’t rush but rather take time to buy things at the best price – store them somewhere in the meantime and once you have everything, the remodeling can begin!

Home renovation can be a pleasurable experience, especially if you invest your time in it to add your own personal touch. At the end of the project, you will be happy to look at the outcome and see what you have managed to achieve.

Marie Erhart is a Success Manager at FieldPulse, creators of field service software that lets you run your entire contracting business from a single app. She works with contractors to help them grow their business using best practices.

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