What To Consider Before Finishing Your Attic

tips for your next attic renovation

Who doesn’t want to carve out a small spot in their home that can be just for them? A warm and cozy place to contemplate your gratefulness, get in some yoga practice or just enjoy a good book in peace and quiet.

You may take a look around your house and realize that just about every room is already maxed out for its usefulness but, have you considered turning the space below your roof into something more? Your home’s attic might just be the right place to build some extra room in your home.

If you have enough space in your attic, you might be able to turn it into a nice extra bedroom and even carve our a luxury bathroom or just a nice relaxation space. It’s a good idea to have a team of consultants like a 24 hour plumber, an electrician, and even an architect come in and take a look at what you are starting with and if your roof is in good enough condition for you to embark of such a project. 

Then the design is entirely up to you. Create a new office, a reading nook, or an extra bedroom. Before you start, take a look at a few of the things that you should consider before finishing your attic.

Attic size

attic renovation

Although building codes vary from state to state with regards to finishing an attic, there is a general rule of 7’s that you can follow. You must have at least 7 feet of clearance from wall to wall — or a total of 70 square feet to work with — to be able to finish your attic into an additional living space.

Depending on what you intend to use your new space for, you may not need a lot of room, but you do need to consider the placement of furniture and what will comfortably fit in your new attic space.

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Roof quality

roof of a house with attic windows

Before you start your project, you should invest in a full roof inspection. The last thing that you want is to complete your new attic getaway and end up having all of your work ruined by an unexpected leak. Let a professional contractor come in and give you the green light on the health of your roof before you start your project.

Natural and artificial light

attic bedroom with plenty of natural light

Having the right light can change the feel and warmth of any room. If you have windows in your attic space you will need to find out if they are insulated and how much natural light they will provide.

While deciding on the layout and the placement of the furniture in your attic, make sure the maximize the use of natural light and not close off any areas that let the light through. You’ll also want to go as light as possible with any window treatments that might block natural light.

If your attic is enclosed with no exterior windows you will need to consider what kind of artificial light you will have to add. Many homeowners opt for hidden pot lights that don’t take up any room and are easy to install. Or you can add charm and warmth with a few well-placed lamps.

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Most attic spaces have limited access. It’s not likely unless you live in an older home that you already have a stairway leading up to the attic. For most homeowners that are looking to convert their unused attic space, creating easy access is a big consideration. 

You may have to reroute your current access. For example, if you have only a hatch in a bedroom closet or in the middle of an existing hallway, you may want to open up an alternative entrance.


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Your attic was not originally designed for everyday use so you will likely need to do a lot of work to get it ready to be a usable space. You may have to insulate the floors to prevent a lot of sound from traveling down to the rooms below.

Try using carpets or rugs on top of your flooring to further tamp down the sound of walking.

If you crave a bit of extra space in your already crowded home for a bit of a reclusive getaway, you should consider transforming your attic. Get a flashlight and head up into the eaves to find out if your space is suitable for a renovation. Only once you get the green light from the professionals can you throw yourself into planning the perfect space that’s meant just for you.

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