Why Sleeping on a Natural Bamboo Mattress is Good for You

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The place you lay your head to rest every night should be valued as highly as the load it carries.

Not to overstate things, but what you choose to rest sleep on determine how well-rested you are, which has mega health consequences in your everyday day.

Without a good night’s sleep, there’s less energy during the day to spend on all the activities that bring joy to your life and keep you happy and healthy.

So now that we’ve established how important your sleep is, let’s go into setting up your bed for optimal comfort and rest.

And no, I’m not saying that you should start thinking about renovating your bedroom. Technically, it’s you bed that should feel like your happy place, the place you go back to at the end of every day.

Your entire body should be comfortable throughout the night. The mattress should encourage better sleep postures and boost breathability.

bedroom happy and relaxed

When choosing your bed and shopping for a mattress, your top factors should be comfort level, size, quality, longevity, to mention the first few.

If you are wondering which mattress would be a top choice to look at, consider the natural bamboo mattress. Here are a few of the main reasons why this might be the best decision you make:


Going green is great for the entire world. If there is anything we can do to help sustain and protect nature from harmful human intervention, we’re all for it.

Bamboos are natural resources that grow quickly but are also eco-friendly. In comparison to other material like cotton or timber, bamboo releases a lot more oxygen into the environment.

Variety in sizes

Like you would expect of any other type of mattress, bamboo mattresses come in different sizes. This means that you can quickly order 3 of the best king size mattress options for back pain at mattressgenius.com without any fails.

You can also get the Queen Size, twin size, or even, California king size. Thanks to these varieties, the natural bamboo mattresses make the perfect beds for side sleepers, back, and also front sleepers.

More comfortable than cotton mattresses

In comparing natural bamboo mattresses and cotton mattresses, you will notice that bamboo is softer than cotton.

This means that it is also a lot more comfortable for users than cotton mattresses. Besides, the comfort of the natural mattresses is not dependent on the seasons or weather changes.

Most people who opt for natural bamboo mattresses attest that they are incredibly comfortable, and unmatched by none in the market.

how to choose the perfect mattress


People who struggle with allergies have the hardest time finding the right mattress to suit their needs. With the natural bamboo mattress, you do not have to go through the hassle of purchasing a non-allergen cover to help with your allergic triggers.

In fact, bamboo mattresses are known to be hypoallergenic. These mattresses are made with antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, which help prevent the formation of harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause allergic triggers.

This type of mattress is also resistant to dust mites, one of the most commonly encountered issue with regular mattresses. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without dust mites triggering your allergies.

Temperature regulation

Most people do not appreciate the fact that bamboo is a very porous material when used in its fabric form.

But it’s precisely this feature that makes it highly breathable by allowing free flow of air in and out. Instead of sweating through the night and coping with the challenge of heat trapped between your body and the mattress, enjoy a bamboo mattress that will let your body be cool throughout the night.

Besides, the natural bamboo mattresses come with the ability to absorb moisture. This means that even if you sweat into the night, you will not experience any type of uncomfortable pooling of the sweat.

The nature of the bamboo mattress ensures that the bedding does not stick to your body even after sweating. The pores of the bamboo mattress allow the sweat to evaporate quickly so you can enjoy a peaceful night.

Adequate spinal support

baby sleeping relaxed in the bed

It is super important to have your back and neck laid out properly during sleep, for the sake of your spinal column.

Usually, the spinal column of your body has a natural curve that should be embraced for better spinal health.

A bamboo mattress will allow the proper inclination of your spine throughout the night, so make sure you pay special attention to this aspect when choosing your mattress.

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