The 3 Main Areas of Concern When Upgrading your Home Security System

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As homeowners, one of the worst scenarios we could think of is a break-in. Home security is still as important an issue as anything and it is always best for homeowners to underscore security.

If your home security system has not been updated yet, now is the best time to do so. Burglaries still pose a considerable threat to homeowners, with the holiday season being a particularly vulnerable time.

Upgrading your home security system can be a costly investment to begin with. Nevertheless, it reduces the risk of loss and property damage significantly, which could outweigh the cost of adopting new security tools and applications.

Let us take a look at a few important areas of concern for upgrading your home security system.

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#1 Fortify your bedroom

There are areas that burglars target first. According to recent burglary statistics, the bedroom has always been the first place that burglars consider when they are looking for things to steal.

This is a no-brainer since many of us think that jewelry, important documents, and other valuables are safer when they are kept in the bedroom at all times. 

Expect burglars to enter the bedroom and rummage through your cabinets and drawers for your secret stash. The best way you can prevent this from happening is to wire up possible entry points. For sure, burglars would consider breaking inside your bedroom through the windows, so you might want to install alarms or replace your standard window panes with double-glazed glass

Another option is to install an additional swing door in the hallway that leads to an area where the bedrooms are clustered up. This would prove effective, especially if trespassers enter the house from the ground floor.

#2 Install smart lighting

Lights are crucial for keeping intruders at bay. After all, no burglar in his right mind would risk stealing your valuables when it is bright out. 

Effective lighting control is important for keeping your home safe since it scares off burglars who attempt to enter your home. By considering smart technology for your lighting system, you can automatically turn lightbulbs on or off  at certain times of the day.

These bulbs can also be controlled while you are away using a mobile app, giving potential robbers the impression that you are at home even when you’re not.

#3 Install miniature cameras around the property

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Burglars have become even more sophisticated in the methods they use, especially when it comes to surveying a target home. For instance, they could dress up as salesmen in the day to offer you a home cleaning product. You let them in so they can do an innocent demonstration when in fact they are surveying the place for possible entry points.

For sure, they would be tempted to enter a home that doesn’t have a surveillance system. But being a homeowner who wouldn’t want to give them that chance, you might as well install miniature cameras that burglars couldn’t easily notice. 

You can hook these cameras up to your mobile phone so you can monitor the crime in real time and notify the authorities right away. They wouldn’t know what hit them!

Home security is always an important topic for homeowners to consider. As the technology behind surveillance and alarm systems continues to improve, homeowners should always be receptive to new tools, apps, and strategies for protecting their properties. After all, not everybody has a Kevin in the family to leave home alone on Christmas and protect the house from intruders.

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