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We spend all of our days talking about dream homes. And while the U.S. has always been our focus, we’ve often toured some of the most spectacular homes in Europe as well — like Dolce & Gabbana’s villa on Stromboli island — and even in South America. 

But there’s one continent we didn’t get to tour: the Land Down Under. So we thought we’d change that, and take a closer look at some of the most spectacular houses in Australia, and see how they stack against their American counterparts.  

Expensive homes in Australia boast of grandiose architecture that can rival the most iconic homes in the world. If you have a profound appreciation for art and the finer things in life, read on to see some of the nicest homes in Australia and what makes them so unique.

What Does It Take to Build the Largest Homes in Australia?

If you plan on building a home that rivals the best Australian houses, it is vital to know what it takes to turn your vision into reality. As evident with all the largest homes in Australia, nothing is left to chance.

All the design features are well thought out, and the attention for minor details is visible. As such, the architect and construction company you work with are crucial to making your dream home a reality. Click to read more about the best construction companies in Australia.

Though some of these properties seem futuristic and out of reach for the average Joe, you’d be surprised to know about the humble beginnings some of the owners came from. As such, who’s to say yours won’t make it to this sometime in the future?

1. La Mer, Vaucluse 

To the east of Sydney, in an area called Vaucluse, you’ll find La Mer, one of the largest homes in Australia. Valued at $70 billion, this is also one of the most expensive homes in Australia.

The property belongs to Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire Chau Chak Wing and boasts some of the most impressive amenities money can buy. Some of the key features of the mansion affectionately called La Mer include:

  • A movie theater that sits up to 20 people
  • A 20-car garage
  • A fully equipped gym
  • Rooftop lawn

It took three years for the six-story, six-bedroom mansion to be built to completion. The property features two additional housing units for the staff and is a pleasure to look at — one can only imagine what it’s like living in such a spectacular home.

2. Clifftop house on the Great Ocean Rd

If you love the calm ocean side, the Clifftop house along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria will undoubtedly give you goosebumps. As the name suggests, the house is built on a cliff, and national parks cover the surrounding area.  

The glass walls on the ocean side allow residents to have an excellent view of the pristine ocean waters, making it one of Australia’s dreamiest homes.

3. The Villa Vento, Point Piper

It’s often said that good things take time. This is what happened with the Villa Vento, a striking $53 million house. It took four years and over 600 initial sketches for the developers to decide on the final blueprint for the home.

The property, in its entirety, is an architectural masterpiece making it one of Australia’s most recognizable homes. It has a two flat gallery, and the Europe-made stone column balustrades give it an exotic feel. 

4. The Altona, Point Piper

When it comes to the largest homes in Australia, Point Piper certainly has its fair share. The Altona is another gorgeous property in the Point Piper area that’s worth over $ 50 million. 

Situated near the seashore, the Altona is a harbor-side property that has a private pathway to the harbor. The main house has eight bedrooms, all en suite, and a large pool that has a clear view of the ocean.

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5. The Ellison mansion

The Ellison mansion, located in Mosman Park, covers an area of 7,567 square meters. The house belongs to Chris Ellison, who has a $300 million stake in a mineral resource mining company. 

The five-bedroom and four-bath mansion is in a serene environment full of vegetation. Some of the features that see it rank high among the best Australian homes include: a tennis court, private jetty, a gym, a swimming pool and an in-house cinema.

The property has three buildings and is very secure as high-security walls surround it.

6. Villa Del Mare

The villa Del Mare is yet another Point Piper entrant in this list. The $37 million property belongs to Ms. Lola Wang, an Australian citizen. However, it’s not the price tag alone that makes it one of the best homes in Australia.  

The house has five bedrooms that offer a great balcony view of the beach and an exquisite infinity-edge pool that’s perfect for sunny days.  

7. Mandalay mansion

Along Wolseley Road in Mandalay is a 1,891 square meter villa owned by Phillip Dong Fang Lee. The three-story and six-bedroom house has a five-car garage, a huge heated swimming pool, and a fully equipped gym. 

However, this house stands out even among the best Australian homes as it has a sauna, wine cellars, an elegant interior décor, and a great view of the Sydney Opera House. 

8. Andrew Roberts’ mansion

Though this $38 million property now belongs to Huang Lee Seng and his spouse Yeoh Pei Chee, it’s popularly known as the Andrew Robert’s mansion, its previous owner. 

Located in Double Bay, the house has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a jetty, a heated pool, a five-car garage, mooring, and a 55-meter waterfront, making it one of the nicest homes in Australia.

9. Mosman house

In 2018, the self-proclaimed shoe king of China, Wilson Hui Xiong Xue, bought an incredible seven-bedroom mansion along Burran Avenue. You only need one glimpse at this house to see why it’s one of the dreamiest homes in Australia. 

Its design and architecture are simply breathtaking. The property features a cellar, a billiard room, a home theater, an infinity pool, and a tennis court.

10. Rose Bay mansion

In Rose Bay, near the harbor, sits a house that was sold by Billionaire Brett Blundy for a roughly $35 million. The three-story house spans 18,300 square feet and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. 

Along with a gym and pool, the property also has a spa, a home cinema and separate guest quarters.  

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