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  • Convert Your Garage into a Fancy AirBnB Property

    house with garage airbnb

    Do you have a garage that you never use? If your answer is yes, why not convert this vacant space into a comfortable, yet stylish, AirBnB rental property? By doing so, you will make an additional annual income, and it can add great resale value to your home alongside providing you with an additional annual […] More

  • Renovate Your Bathroom to Make it a Luxury Hideaway

    making your bathroom luxurious

    After a week of using the lavish powder room in your luxury holiday getaway, coming back home to your own bathroom may feel a little disappointing. However, there are ways to bring that exotic paradise experience to your own bathroom even when on a budget.  Let’s go into a list of changes homeowners like you […] More

  • 2019 Indoor Lighting Trends You’re Bound to See Everywhere

    lighting fixture trends in 2019

    Lighting is the central aspect of every home’s design (that’s why people tend to pay considerably more for properties with good natural lighting). However, artificial lighting can do wonders as well, sometimes even making up for some of your home’s shortcomings or putting into perspective areas that the natural light doesn’t complement enough. You can […] More

  • The Cutest Cat Condos You Can Get on Amazon

    cutest cat condos on amazon

    Cats love playing, jumping around, and hiding, and they’re champions at scratching up furniture, walls, and carpets. And since we love keeping both our furry little friends happy and our furniture intact, we’re always looking for great entertainment options for our furry little friends. Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house, […] More