How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home without a Costly Renovation

Georgie Mihaila
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The more time we spend indoors, the more we feel a need (read: itch) to update our spaces.

And while we might not have a budget to set aside for costly renovations right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t use some handy tricks at our disposal to freshen up our interiors — maybe even add a touch of elegance and luxury without the costs that normally come with that.

Sure, in an ideal setting, you would probably have a renowned designer at your fingertips to make your rooms exude comfort, luxury, and elegance.

But until that lucky day comes, let’s look at some alternatives that are more within reach. With some clever techniques of strategic design, you can create a space on a shoestring budget that still feels regal.

So what are some of the easiest ways to incorporate a touch of lavish life into your home? Read on below and adapt these suggestions to add a touch of luxury to your interiors:

#1 Work with what you already have

Many times when decorating our homes, we’re so focused on what they lack that we completely forget to pay attention to the lovely little details that are already there.

If you plan on adding to the luxury feel of your home, start by making an inventory of what is it that already makes your house special.

Details like crown molding, planks of wood, wooden floors, bookshelves, and backsplashes made of decorative tiles are all deserving of attention. Keep them as prevalent as possible — keep them alive, free of clutter, and make sure they are the room’s focal point. 

Sometimes, simply updating an exquisite — but slightly ignored — staircase with some polish and a new paint can breathe new life into a room. Same goes for neglected fireplaces or striking wooden bookshelves.

beautiful staircase

As you go on with your changes to achieve that lux-feel, remember that you don’t have to overspend on pricey additions. Instead, you can make do with what you have. Most times, we get so accustomed with our homes (or lust for bigger, more expensive ones), that we completely forget why we fell in love with them in the first place.

#2 Adopt variation

I know what you’re going to say; there’s a certain beauty that comes from simplicity, and uniformity gives a sense of tidiness to a room.

But when it comes to luxury, bold is beautiful, and it’s difficult to make a space stand out if you don’t have the courage to adopt variation.

A couch, throw pillows, side table, rugs, and curtains that have the same pattern and style will almost definitely make your space lose steam. 

Swap out plain throw pillows to conveniently add dimension to a range of shapes and sizes, and bring in some luxurious velvet curtains to really light up a space.

Even if you’re opposed to color, throwing in a few shades that are a different version of the natural glow can make the environment more vibrant.  

As for your bedroom, when you can’t stick to a lighter color choice, seek soft mustard, rusty violet, or gentle lilac.

These hues are pleasing to the eye and add a soothing ambiance on top of all the luxury. As a tip, head on to for some bedroom styling tips and bedroom essentials that you can incorporate.

#3 Try layered lighting

Very few things bring a room together quite like proper lighting. We don’t often give it the credit it deserves, but proper lighting (and bold choices when it comes to light fixtures) sets the mood and tone of your space — and preps everything else to be properly admired.

Ideally, you’ll want a selection of light sources to add diversity and dimension to the space. Layered lighting is said to be the most effective — not to mention appealing — way to light up a room.

It consists of overall lighting (your main source of light), task lighting (the one you use for specific tasks, like reading or applying make-up), and accent lighting (meant to add to the appeal of your decor).

A well-placed table lamp can be a great focal point for the room, or you could also hang a lovely pendant light with a striking design — or opulent feel.

Note that, with so many options for light fixtures nowadays, you don’t have to pick an expensive one; sometimes, simply replacing a dull, outdated one with a more modern version can do wonders.

luxury bedroom chandelier

Another inexpensive trick that should take little work is plug-in light fixtures. Placing such accessories next to furniture may be an inexpensive way to upgrade a room without needing to carry the burden of electrical rewiring.

Using lamps is also another less expensive renovation since it helps you change the light setting so that the room feels nice, cozy, and luxurious. And don’t forget about some luxury candles to pepper around the house.

#4 Always have fresh flowers

Now onto one of the easiest — and most enjoyable — tricks on the list; stacking up on fresh flowers every week, and using them to complement your decor for a more vibrant and inviting feel.

There’s a reason high society dames always had fresh flowers in the house. Elegant, colorful, and delicate, flowers are one of nature’s most precious and exquisite gifts; when you add them to your home (especially coupled with eye-grabbing vases), they give a note of sophistication, while making the space come alive. Doesn’t hurt that they also make your home smell amazing.

And the best part: that’s one of your design elements that can be forever changing, and you can adapt every week to your mood. You can also opt for seasonal flowers, giving your home a theme for the month you’re in.

fresh flowers in a vase

#5 Hanging art on walls

One more affordable and straightforward concept for interior design for your living room is to hang exciting pieces of art on the walls.

Framed pieces, from family portraits to DIY art, will make a room look extravagant. And if you go the extra step and add a little lighting around your art, it will create an inescapable focal point.

However, before installing artwork, you must plan out where and how to put it, and how to fit everything correctly. See that the masterpiece you pick is the perfect height and scale for the wall you’re furnishing. Also, note that you don’t need works of art for every empty wall. 

If you feel creative, creating your own is an excellent option to get cheap artwork. Visit your neighborhood craft store, and you might find everything you need to make a stunning canvas or personalized artwork.

paintings in bright living room

#6 Deceive the eye with clever curtains

Most spacious and costly houses have high ceilings that are conveniently overflowing with ambient light. Trick your eyes to achieve the result by hanging curtains that are as high as the ceiling — not just over the window frame.

This will give the illusion of more space, and also opens up a lot of possibilities for picking interesting fabrics and patterns.


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