How to Incorporate Sculpture in Your Interior Design

Gone are the days when sculptures could only be admired in museums or homes of wealthy art collectors. It is time to make room for some beautiful art pieces inside our own homes.

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Sculptures in interior design are something we often see in magazines, but rarely in the homes of our friends and family. Why? – It seems that many people are afraid to incorporate sculptures in their home decor simply because they consider them too artsy or do not know exactly what to do with them.

At first glance, sculptures might seem too pretentious or “too much” for your regular interiors. But let’s be real. You don’t have to place a 6-foot statue in the middle of your living room; you can always pick something small and cute that goes with everything else.

We no longer live in times where sculptures could only be admired in museums or maybe in the home of an art collector. It is time to make room for some beautiful pieces inside our own homes.

Bold and contemporary

origami copper sculpture

People who are into minimal, contemporary style could certainly go for abstract sculptures and bigger dimensions. Clean lines, shiny or matte surfaces, thick or thin, it is up to you because the offer is vast.

A custom metal sculpture from wire or copper can do wonders in terms of aesthetics. Do not be afraid of answering questions about the object’s meaning because it really does not matter. If it looks chic and fits into your interior style, go for it!

Mixing modern with classic

A classical-looking marble sculpture can be a great twist to a contemporary interior design. If you are not into abstract forms, just go for a marble torso or a portrait in the Greek style.

You do not necessarily have to use modern materials such as metal or iron. A piece of marble or stone can add warmth, and people will be intrigued by that piece of art, so it is a great conversation starter too.

Rococo chic

chandelier candle holder

Lush and vibrant, rococo style style stands for luxury, and pieces like that can quickly transform your home and add a dash of luxury to it.

Rococo pieces do not have to be solely sculptures; plenty of furniture have a lavish wooden construction with plenty of flowers and leaves. Chandeliers and candle holders can also be a great choice. Thus, something functional can count as a sculpture too.

Animal sculptures

animalistic sculpture

It is believed that certain animals bring luck, prosperity, and money.

In many cultures, smaller or bigger sculptures of elephants, frogs, or turtles are very popular. But lately, one animal became particularly popular, and it is the flamingo bird.

Whether it is pink or metallic, the tall and elegant flamingo goes well with everything, and it can be a nice pop of color.

What about Feng shui?

buddha statue

Feng shui is basically the art of curating or arranging objects until they are in perfect harmony. One particularity of Feng shui is having Budha sculptures around the home, and there is an entire philosophy around it. It is believed that these statues bring serenity into the home and enhance the flow of chi energy.

Experts agree that a statue of Buddha should be placed facing the front door so that when the chi energy enters the house, it faces the positive aura of deity. But Buddhas can also be placed in a living room, above the eye level because that is the main space where everyone can enjoy a view of deity. Avoid placing them near bedrooms and bathrooms.

Dare to make a change

bust sculpture

If you are hesitant about large sculptures, but you still love that artsy vibe they bring into every space, then start with smaller figurines, or statement pieces. Not every sculpture has to be tall and wide to stand out. Sometimes smaller sculptures can be even more attractive and eye-catching.

Author’s bio: Pamela Lezama is an interior designer. Her skills and passion enable her to help people in making their dream house a reality. She is not just particular on the designs, but she also makes sure that the quality of the bed and mattress she chooses are topnotch.

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