2019 Indoor Lighting Trends You’re Bound to See Everywhere

lighting fixture trends in 2019

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Lighting is the central aspect of every home’s design (that’s why people tend to pay considerably more for properties with good natural lighting). However, artificial lighting can do wonders as well, sometimes even making up for some of your home’s shortcomings or putting into perspective areas that the natural light doesn’t complement enough.

You can change your home atmosphere by just positioning the light and incorporating amazing fixtures in it, giving your home a revamped look for minimum costs. Figuring out how to proper light your room will make the rest of your decor shine, giving you the ability to pick which areas to highlight and what the eyes see as soon as someone passes through the doors of your home.

And while getting lighting design right isn’t the easiest of tasks, with requirements changing from one room to another — because let’s face it, what looks good in the bedroom might not be suitable for your kitchen or living space. That’s why it’s the lighting’s role to reflect the feel you want to give out for each area. However, just like other interior décor elements, lighting trends and styles also come and go, with advances in technology making manufacturers come up with advanced lighting solutions time and time again to stay ahead of the competitive market.

Manufacturers have introduced lightning range from vintage lighting to Art Deco and from mid-century modern to so on. In this blog, we have gathered a few of the top trending lighting designs for you, to learn about them, make sure to read till the end!

interior lighting trends in 2019

1. Soft gold lighting fixtures are here to rule

2018 was famous for rose gold everything — from makeup to furnishing, everything in this shade was trending.

Lately however soft colors have gained massive popularity. Homeowners seem to love this trend with colors like grey and greige (grey + beige) where rose gold falls under the spectrum of soft colors too.

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This color is the result of mixing brushed silver and brushed gold. Soft gold lighting fixtures bring the mellowness and warmth of gold, which blends in with almost every décor style from farmhouse to modern urban, adding a touch of sophistication without weighting too heavily on the overall color scheme.

gorgeous staircase with good lighting

2. Rustic and retro are making a comeback

They have taken over 2019 but in more refined form.

This trend is all about neutral colors, rustic finishes, and an emphasis on metal. This year we have experienced retro making its way back but as a different beast altogether. If you are looking for inspiration to give your space a unique twist, then turning to some retro lighting could work magic for several design styles.

Traditionally, rustic and retro lighting sees the best results in the kitchen work area, above the dining area, or when used for wall lighting. If you are looking for some amazing designs of fixtures and bulbs, then do not forget to visit the multi lighting website. They are also offering 10% to 55% discount on table and floor lamps.

retro lamp lighting fixtures

3. Edison-style bulbs

Homeowners who love warmer retro and nostalgic design of fixtures have long been embracing this trend and incorporating it into their homes — with amazing results.

Vintage Edison-style bulbs are best used in improving a retro or industrial style or complementing existing design to give it a little of a steampunk-ish feel. If you want to give your living area and kitchen a homier and warmer retro twist (and have been on the fence thinking that it’s nothing but a fleeing trend), Edison-style bulbs have shown that they have staying power, so don’t hesitate to hop on the trend and install some at your own place.

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4. Bigger is better

These bigger fixtures are best suited for specific areas of your home and act as the centerpiece. They add that ‘wow’ factor and draw your attention as soon as you enter the room.

The trick of getting the maximum effect from these fixtures is to install them in the open space and central areas of your home. If they can’t hold their weight alone and fail to make a big enough impact on the overall aesthetics of the room, then you can balance them with smaller fixtures around them. 

big lamp light trends 2019

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