Ryan Serhant & Casey Neistat Offer 1 Year of Free Rent in NYC to a Passionate Dreamer

"Had I not been in New York City, I would have never then followed the weird career trajectory that has taken me to where I am today.” Now, he's looking to pay it forward and help another newcomer to the city by picking up the tab.

Georgie Mihaila
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Living in New York is prohibitively expensive. With rents in even the cheapest neighborhoods putting those in the rest of the country to shame, the bar of entry is often way too high for newcomers to even consider living in the city.

And what a shame that is, since there’s no better place in the world for artists with big dreams, content creators, relentless entrepreneurs, talented chefs, musicians, directors, influencers, you name it.

But two men set out to make a change. Or rather one man, with the help of a friend who’s equally familiar with the struggles of creating content, building a brand (and a large following), while keeping a roof over your head in New York City.

Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant teamed up with vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat to find one lucky dreamer that’s ready to make it in the city, and cover their rent for a full year. That’s right, Ryan Serhant is basically ready to pay your rent (and some other expenses), so that you can focus on making your dream come true.

“Had I not been in New York City, I would have never then followed the weird career trajectory that has taken me to where I am today, you know, a lot of which I credit to New York City,” Serhant told TheWrap ahead of the announcement.

“New York City allows all the apartments and homes that I sell to be worth what I sell them for and allows me to have my own beautiful home. It’s where I met my wife, where we had our first baby… like, my career was made in New York City.”

And what better person to relate to this than Casey Neistat of Youtube fame, who admits that New York City, and not himself, was the main character for most of the content he had created, and that he welcomes the opportunity to give someone else access to what he rightfully calls “this unattainable city”.

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After the winner is announced, Serhant promises to pay that person’s rent for 12 months, plus provide a generous stipend: “They’ll have spending cash, they will have everything they need to not have any financial stress for 12 months,” he tells Casey Neistat, who he’s teamed up with to promote the contest.

The campaign, launched on Ryan Serhant’s vlog on Christmas Day, is live at FreeYearNYC.com. You have until January 8, day end, to submit an application, an anyone can enter, provided that they’re over 21, have “massive dreams”, as Ryan puts it, and can talk openly about them in the submission.

It literally doesn’t matter what you aspire to, Ryan Serhant seems to be looking for passionate, talented, and determined individuals, whose move to New York City might finally give them the big break they’ve been waiting for.

Winners will be announced later in the month, and Serhant’s team will be handpicking the lucky winner, after looking closely at all the submissions. And that might prove to be quite the task, as by the 5th day of contest, there were over 16,000 entries!

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