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  • Why You Need Building Permits for Your Next Home Improvement Project

    Home renovation ft image

    Are you looking at improving your house with simple renovations? Or maybe just trying to raise the value of your home?  Remember that before starting your next home improvement project, you need to get your home improvement permits first. The process might initially be cumbersome for those of you who hate dealing with paperwork, but […] More

  • Defining Home Improvement Terms: Restoration, Remodeling, and Renovation

    home renovation and remodeling

    Whenever we talk about home improvement, décor, and other aspects of construction, we regularly use home improvement terms like home or building remodeling, renovation, and restoration. And while we tend to use them interchangeably, that shouldn’t be the case. As you might guess, the three terms all bear different meanings, yet are closely related to […] More

  • What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

    kitchen renovation

    Do you want to remodel your kitchen? If the answer is “yes”, then you are not alone. As a matter of fact, kitchen remodeling is the second-most popular type of home renovation – according to the NAHB or the National Association of Homebuilders. Kitchen remodels have accounted for 78% of all projects in 2018. This […] More

  • 5 Ways to Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Kitchen Décor

    kitchen design and decor

    When it comes to refurbishing the home, the kitchen almost always gets forgotten or left as an after-thought. That doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t stay with the same décor year in, year out, especially since the kitchen is said to be the most important room of the house. Take a walk on the […] More

  • Renovate Your Bathroom to Make it a Luxury Hideaway

    making your bathroom luxurious

    While the bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms of the house, it rarely gets the same amount of love (or attention) as the rest of them. In fact, with proper care and constant cleaning, you may not even feel the need for a bathroom upgrade. Except for right after a nice vacation, […] More

  • 5 Things to Keep in Mind when Renovating Your Living Room

    living room redesign

    So you want to renovate your living room. Perhaps you just got bored of the old design and past décor items you’ve crammed into the living room and just need a few tweaks here and there to make your home more inviting (not to mention refreshed). Or maybe you want to remodel your house completely, […] More