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  • You can book a stay at Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse on Airbnb – for free!

    Barbie Malibu DreamHouse

    If Aqua’s 1997 hit song, Barbie Girl has been replaying endlessly in your head since promotional efforts for Greta Gerwig’s new BARBIE movie have begun, you’re not alone. It seems like everywhere we turn these days, Barbie’s all-pink world spills into our reality (which sounds weirdly in tune with the movie’s storyline), conjuring Aqua’s lyrics […] More

  • Live Like Snow White in this Adorable Fairytale Cottage


    New York is home to the incredibly adorable Gingerbread House, California flaunts its unique Flinstone’s House, so it was only natural to have Washington join the race for the country’s most unique, straight-out-of-a-cartoon home. The contender: a charming fairytale cottage in Ocalla that looks like it’s ready to welcome its new Snow White (and however many dwarves she’d like […] More

  • Futuristic Duplex Fit for the Jetsons Hits the Market in Chelsea


    For NYC luxury homes, the sky’s the limit. And maybe the sky — particularly a fancy futuristic Orbit City — is where this out-of-this-world duplex at 213 West 23rd Street should be scouting for buyers. The Jetsons would surely be interested (that is if Mr. Spacely gave George a considerable raise of, say, $14.5 million.) Better even than having […] More