Ali Wong’s house in ‘Beef’ cleverly alludes to her character’s state of mind

As two strangers become obsessed with revenge after a road-rage-filled conflict in an LA parking lot, Netflix’s smash hit series, Beef...

gives a masterclass in conveying character development through flawless interior design.

As production designer Grace Yun explains, Amy has ”…a certain vision for her life. It had to feel curated.”

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Amy’s house design cleverly alludes to her state of mind

She goes on to point out that there are no curves in the home that could serve to make the space feel more soothing and calm.

In fact, every element, though undeniably coveted and genuinely stunning, serves a purpose in portraying Amy’s current mindset.

As we start to learn how trapped she feels, those gorgeous slatted wood dividers can start to look like the most beautifully constructed prison bars.

While Ali Wong’s house in Beef isn’t real, nor is it located at the address given on the show — 377 Bon Homme, which isn’t a real address —

Is Amy's house really at 377 Bon Homme?

the series stays true to the facts, as there really is a Bon Homme street in Calabasas.

The Netflix show places Wong’s character in Calabasas, a city in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County that’s notoriously popular among the rich and famous,

(even some of the Kardashians have called it home) and gives her a prime address on a street lined with million-dollar homes.

In a recent interview with Netflix, location manager, Michael Percival said, “We looked for a house that had all the elements we [needed], but we couldn’t find that all-in-one location”.

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