Is Ali Wong's house in "Beef" really at 377 Bon Homme in Calabasas?

As two strangers become obsessed with revenge after a road-rage-filled conflict in an LA parking lot, 

Netflix’s smash hit series, ‘Beef’ gives a masterclass in conveying character development through flawless interior design.

Amy’s house design cleverly alludes to her state of mind

As production designer Grace Yun explains, Amy has ”…a certain vision for her life. It had to feel curated.”

She goes on to point out that there are no curves in the home that could serve to make the space feel more soothing and calm.

Instead, everything is a straight line, perfectly formed, organized, and in its place.

As we start to learn how trapped she feels, those gorgeous slatted wood dividers can start to look like the most beautifully constructed prison bars.

If you've been daydreaming about Amy's house, sorry to burst your bubble but... 

Amy's house at 377 Bon Homme in Calabasas 


Ali Wong’s house in Beef isn’t real, nor is it located at the address given on the show — 377 Bon Homme, which isn’t a real address.

Location manager, Michael Percival said, “We looked for a house that had all the elements we [needed], but we couldn’t find that all-in-one location”.

Nevertheless, the series stays true to the facts, as there really is a Bon Homme street in Calabasas. 

So, instead of continuing the search, the team took it upon themselves to create Amy, George, and Junie’s home from scratch.

Unlike Amy’s, this house really does exist -- and it was specifically chosen to intimidate and upstage both Amy and her more humble abode.

How about Jordan's mansion? 


Built in 1973, the imposing mansion was also featured in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and served as headquarters for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the 1990s!

This architectural masterpiece located in Simi Valley, California is called The House Of The Book.

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Story:  Credit for images: Netflix