All the houses featured in Season 6 of ‘Selling Sunset’ and what happened to them

Cue up your favorite girlboss anthem, because the high-powered female brokers at the Oppenheim Group are back!

And along with them come more million-dollar deals, some fresh new faces, and all the drama you’d expect from the Netflix series best described as ‘Real Housewives meets Million Dollar Listing.

So we took it upon ourselves to track down all the spectacular houses in Selling Sunset Season 6 - and see what happened to every single one of them. 

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An impressive property with celebrity pedigree, this West Hollywood manse was the perfect location to kick off Season 6 of Selling Sunset.

Saint Ives Place  – Harry Styles’ former house



Previously owned by hitmaker Harry Styles, the 4-bed, 6-bath home was listed for $7,995,000 when Season 6 filmed.

Not to spoil anything for Netflix fans (as Harry Styles’ former house may make a comeback in the next season), but the property is still on the market. We’ve also learned that the property is available as a rental asking a whopping $1,500 PER DAY.

We’re suckers for striking modern mansions, and the Lloycrest Dr house on Selling Sunset is right up our alley.

Lloydcrest Drive in Beverly Hills, Emma’s $18,995,000 listing



The 5-bed, 9-bath house, which comes with a coveted address (it’s set in the prestigious Crest Streets in Beverly Hills), was listed for just under $19 million.

Fast-forward to now, Lloydcrest Drive is still on the market, though at a significantly lower price point. The property is currently listed for $12,995,000.

As mentioned on the show, Jason sunk nearly $10 million of his own personal money into the project, and he’s looking to cash out by listing each of them for a whopping $7.5 million.

Jason Oppenheim’s two $7.5M penthouses on Hollywood Boulevard



(Spoiler) The two penthouses are still on the market following Selling Sunset‘s Season 6 premiere, though the smaller of the two  has seen its price drop by $500,000.

It’s now listed for $6,995,000 (and as a rental for $49,900/mo), while the larger unit retains the original $7,495,000 asking price and a $49,900/mo rent price.

For this one, we didn’t have to do much research, as we extensively covered this beauty when it came to market last year.

N Stanley Ave, the black house on Billionaire’s Row



Definitely one of the most impressive houses featured on Season 6 of Selling Sunset, the newly-built N Stanley property that Heather and Bre visit together is nestled in the hills above Sunset Strip, in the coveted ‘Billionaire’s Row’.

Priced at a cool $24.995 million, the plush property offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an ultra-luxurious L.A. listing. And a few extras that probably wouldn’t have crossed your mind (like museum-quality crystals).

Now, while on the show we see Bre and Heather touring the property (and later, Bre showing the house to her client, Adam), the N Stanley house was never listed with the Oppenheim Group.

Which means it isn’t a spoiler if we reveal that the fabulous mansion is still on the market, boasting a slightly altered listing price of $22 million.

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