You can book a stay at Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse on Airbnb – for free!

In celebration of the highly anticipated July release of Greta Gerwig’s BARBIE movie, Airbnb is offering two overnight stays at Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse

— though Ken is hosting this time around, so the guests will have to settle on booking Ken’s bedroom instead of Barbie’s.

In fact, the whole house has been taken over by Ken, with every space — from his cowboy-themed bedroom to the outdoor disco roller rink — oozing ‘Kenergy’.

Guests will also get the chance to raid Ken’s closet and take home their own yellow-and-pink Impala skates and surfboards.

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Barbie's Malibu DreamHouse is up on Airbnb

Fans can request to book the house for two individual one-night stays (for up to two guests each) on July 21 and July 22, 2023.

All stays will be free of charge – because Ken couldn’t figure out how to put a price on Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse – after all, Ken’s thing is the beach, not math.

If you want to take your chances at landing one of the coveted spots, booking starts July 17 at 10:00 AM PT at airbnb.com/kendreamhouse.

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Credit for photos: Hogwash Studio / Joyce Lee via Airbnb



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