6 Crazy Things You Didn't Know about Bill Gates' house 


Bill Gates’ house is located in Medina, a small city on Lake Washington, on the opposite shore of Seattle, WA.

Despite his vast wealth, the Microsoft founder – born and raised in Seattle – stayed close to home.

And it's far from your regular house. Let's take a look at 6 crazy facts about the billionaire's house, from its unique nickname to its countless tech features. 

It's worth over $130 million

Built in 1994, the sprawling property is valued at well over $130 million, and commands property taxes of over $1 million each year.


Its nickname is Xanadu 2.0

Bill Gates’ house goes by the name of Xanadu 2.0, after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane, the title character of Orson Welles’ infamous Citizen Kane.


In a tribute to its moniker (the word Xanadu is defined as an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty), Bill Gates’ home is an architectural feat that took 7 years — and lots of manpower — to complete.

The house has 24 bathrooms

Gates’ house has 7 bedrooms and a total of 24 bathrooms (yes, you read that right, that amounts to more than three bathrooms for each bedroom suite).


And a rather unusual total of  6 kitchens

Bill Gates’ house has almost as many kitchens as it has bedrooms.  


If you think that’s one burner stove too many,

it will make more sense once you learn that the billionaire’s home has a 2,300-square-foot reception hall that can accommodate up to 200 people. The dining room alone sits 24.

The most striking room is the library

An avid reader whose book lists hold headlines every year, Bill Gates made sure his house has a massive — and downright impressive — library.


From a design perspective,

the paneled library spans 2,100 square feet and features a domed reading room and two secret pivoting bookcases, one of which was fitted with a bar.

But its value extends to the books and manuscripts inside.

Among them is Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th-century collection of scientific writings, the Codex Leicester, which Gates purchased for a whopping $30.8 million.

The house is as tech-heavy as you’d expect

The Microsoft cofounder’s home is heavy on tech, incorporating some very unique uses for technology.


The house features an estate-wide server system,

a 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater music system, and about $80,000 worth of computer screens lined up around the house to display art.

In fact, visitors and guests of Gates’ mansion are given devices (worth an extra $150,000) to pick and choose their favorite paintings or photographs to display.

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