See Inside the House  Dan Bilzerian Grew Up In, Now on the Market for  $6 Million

Dan Bilzerian’s childhood home in Tampa, Florida is on the market   — and it's proof that Bilzerian has long been living the luxury life.

The sprawling estate was built in  the early '90s by Bilzerian’s dad,  Paul Bilzerian, a corporate takeover specialist. 

Soon after building the castle-like house, he went on to serve 13 months  in prison for illegal stock manipulation.

Known as the Bilzerian Mansion, a moniker that dates back years before Dan Bilzerian became the ‘King of Instagram’, it's one of Tampa's most notorious estates. 

Located in the exclusive Avila gated community, known for its upscale  golf course and country club, the  house has a total of 10 bedrooms and  19 bathrooms.

It greets visitors with an imposing grand staircase that leads to the many rooms and amenities,

which include an indoor basketball court, racquetball court, and a vintage movie theater.

Despite being vacant for years, the opulent mansion retains most of the luxury amenities the Bilzerians  enjoyed at the height of their wealth and fortune.

There are entire wings dedicated to entertaining guests,

including a massive open floor game room that's the size of an entire house by itself. 

The house’s backyard leads straight to the lake, with a dedicated swimming area that includes a waterfall, slide, diving board, and hot tub.

A closer look at the childhood home  of the pro-poker-player-turned-influencer gives us a good idea of how Dan Bilzerian came to enjoy the lifestyle he’s now famous for.

In fact, Bilzerian's famous party pad in Los Angeles — which he was renting for a mindblowing $200,000/mo  — was also recently listed for sale. 

But that one costs 10x more than his childhood home. 

The Bel-Air mansion is listed for  $67.5 million, and it's one of the most expensive homes for sale in all of  Los Angeles. 

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Story:  Credit for images: Vistabee  / Kathy Hutchins / / Zillow