Where does Ariana Grande live?  Every house the pop star bought and sold over the years

From a young age, Ariana Grande was already destined for stardom. The petite girl with a big voice would conquer the world of pop and amass millions of followers.

As she climbed her way to success and grew her net worth to $220 million, Ari also expanded her real estate portfolio.

The musician has collected a number of beautiful properties on both the East and West Coast -- one more impressive than the other.

And as we try to pin down where Ariana Grande lives now, we take a look at all the impressive homes she has called home over the years.

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Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Ariana Grande had a comfortable life growing up.  Her first childhood home in Vintage Estate was purchased for $714,200 by her parents before the singer was born.

She lived there until she was six, when the family moved to a larger waterfront property: a 5-bedroom home where she lived for four years before moving to New York to pursue her singing career. 

After her stint on Broadway, the singer moved to LA, as she was cast in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Ariana, along with her mom, lived in luxurious rental properties in the 2010s.

They rented a French manor located in Toluca Lake, LA, before moving to a six-bedroom Tudor-style home that once belonged to famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

It wasn’t until 2018, when Grande had her whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson, that she decided to buy her own place.

Ariana's $16 Million Chelsea apartment

Ari shelled out $16 million for the Chelsea apartment — her first real estate investment. The unit had 4,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.

By 2020, Ariana continued to expand her real estate portfolio and started buying more properties on the West Coast.

Her $13.7 Million Hollywood Hills mansion

Grande purchased a three-story property in Hollywood Hills for $13.7 million. The mansion has 10,000 square feet of space and featured a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Continuing her real estate shopping spree, Ariana also bought a home in Montecito, which was once owned by Ellen de Generes and Portia de Rossi. 

Ari's $9.1 Million Tudor-Style Montecito home

The Tudor-style home is where the singer tied the knot with then-boyfriend Dalton Gomez.

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Photo credit: Realtor.com, Tim Fisher | Related Companies,  Village Properties, Zillow,  Ariana Grande (IG)