A Piece of Architectural History is Up for Grabs:  Lloyd Wright’s Derby  House Lists for $3.3M

by Georgie Mihaila

The Derby House, one of the finest examples of Mayan Revival-style architecture in the entire country,  is now on the market.

Built in 1926 by Lloyd Wright, the  son of legendary architect Frank  Lloyd Wright, the century-old home  is located in Glendale, Calif. 

Carrying on the legacy of his father, who worked with tiles and blocks to create structurally innovative buildings, Lloyd Wright used concrete textile blocks to erect the Derby House.

The technique, just like in the case  of his father’s best works, created a unique structure that’s reminiscent  of ancient Mayan temples.

The Derby House will make any architecture buff think back to some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s best works, like La Miniatura, the Ennis House, the Freeman House and the Storer House.

It’s not just the exterior that makes  this home stand out.

A look inside Lloyd Wright’s Derby House

Inside, a vibrant mix of concrete,  wood and glass create a downright unique interior that complements the architecture in a harmonious way.

The Derby House comes with: 


5 bedrooms,3 bathrooms


3,281 square feet of living space


four adjacent lots totaling  1.5 acres of land


The two-story living room features a rather unique floor-to-ceiling fireplace with 8-foot-tall, wrought-iron gates.

Sweepingly vertical spaces are highlighted by double-height ceilings, tall cathedral-style windows, and a hexagonal dining room.

The property is also listed on  the National Register of Historic  Places.

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Story:  Credit for images:  Open House Foto courtesy of The Agency

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