This $9.95 Million  Starship-Like Home Celebrates Both the Future & the Past

A striking  architectural house

that looks like it was built as a home base for captain Kirk (or maybe Picard?), recently came to market near the Sun Valley resort town in Idaho.

Aptly called the  Sun Valley Starship,

the unique property towers above a manmade pond with its imposing concrete, steel, glass and reclaimed wood structure.

But despite its  futuristic shape, 

the house incorporates plenty of historic elements, celebrating both the past and the future in a most unique way.

It has sliding bedroom doors imported from India that date back to the mid-1600s, two steel mooring buoys salvaged from WWI ships, and exterior wood siding from the 1800s.

Inside, the Bellevue, ID home has an inviting, cottage-like design, combining vintage elements with warm wood and industrial-like exposed concrete.

Interiors are a mix of vintage and industrial 

the house is anchored by a beautiful open kitchen — with bar seating — and wows with an additional massive circular bar that crowns the upper level living area.

Packing 5 bedrooms and  5 baths across 12,550 sq ft,

The 40-foot circular bar is wrapped around a skylight type of opening that overlooks the main living space underneath.

It comes with an Olympic-length rooftop pool

which cantilevers over the entrance to the home. The entrance itself is quite unique, with gabion walls flanking the driveway that leads up to it.

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Story:  Credit for images: Tory Taglio Photography courtesy of Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties