The Domestead: A unique $1.725 Million geodesic dome house  in Los Angeles

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning and living in an architectural masterpiece featuring your very own ‘Glass Onion,’ you're in for quite a treat.

Located at 2538 Sundown Drive in Glassell Park, the one-of-a-kind house known as ‘The Domestead’ is a jaw-dropping piece of architecture.

The home was designed in 1984 by architect William King and its interior design is just as unique as its architecture.

The geodesic dome house has recently been listed for sale, with an asking price of $1.725 million, and it’s well worth the money. Let's take a tour of the unique L.A. house. 

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The William King-designed home is a perfect example of a dome house — a unique architectural style whose structures consist of smaller polygonal shapes that connect together to form a circle.

Borrowing elements from old European architecture (think old-world cathedrals), dome houses come in the shape of a sphere or spherical ellipsoid.

Beyond the visual appeal, the dome design provides more efficient air circulation, keeping temperatures even.

Split into three levels, the Domestead has a unique bottom floor dedicated to an underground cave-like retreat,

the mid-level housing the kitchen (with its wraparound windows opening to views of the San Gabriel mountains),

and the top floor — designed as a geodesic dome — acting as the bedroom. 

The 24-foot-diameter geodesic dome bedroom is unlike anything we've seen before, and has been painted in bright, refreshing blue hues.

The Domestead is a veritable artist’s retreat, designed to inspire and unlock the creative mind. Unsurprisingly, it also comes with an art studio and yurt. 

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Photo credit: Aurelia D’Amore Photography & Jilbert Daniel,  Nourmand & Associates