‘Harry & Meghan’ was filmed in this stunning $33.5 million Montecito house

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have once again taken the world by storm.

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The couple's newly released documentary Harry & Meghan is now Netflix’s biggest documentary debut ever.

The 6-part series offers an intimate look at the personal lives of the ex-royals. And you'd be forgiven for thinking that the house you see them in is the couple's California home.

But Harry & Meghan was filmed in a mansion set merely 9 minutes away from their house — one that is far more luxurious than Harry and Meghan's home.

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That mansion is currently on the market for a whopping $33.5 million, $20 million more than what the ex-royals paid for their Montecito abode.

Easily recognizable from the mega-hyped Netflix documentary, the massive Montecito compound is the pinnacle of luxury.

Sitting on a large 2-acre lot in the celebrity-heavy town of Montecito, Calif., the $33.5 million residence....

offers generous ocean views, luxe amenities, and beautiful design throughout its nearly 14,000 square feet of indoor space.

Many of Meghan Markle’s scenes were filmed in the massive living room with arched windows, a fireplace, and an intricate chandelier.

But there’s a lot more to the compound that didn’t make its way on our screens.

All in all, the Montecito house has 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, and an endless list of amenities.

Among them: a home gym, theater, bar, and game room, as well as several additional lounging areas and family rooms.

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Photos by Jim Bartsh courtesy of Santa Barbara Brokers & Netflix