Exclusive: Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz’s carefully preserved studio hits the market for the first time in 47 years

In the charming Sonoma County town of Sebastopol, roughly 50 miles north of San Francisco, sits an enchanting two-parcel, 8.82-acre property with a very unique claim to fame.

The larger parcel, spanning 7.32 acres, was once owned by Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the beloved comic strip Peanuts, and still houses the cartoonist’s former studio, which has been carefully preserved — and turned into an inviting one-bedroom home.

It’s now being brought to market for the very first time in 47 years.

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Charles M. Schulz’s studio in Sebastopol

Schulz had the studio built in 1966 and used it as a creative space where he penned the adventures of beloved characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang.

“The main house where the Schulz family lived was initially part of the same property as the art studio,” says one of the property’s current owners, Eric Rogers, whose grandparents bought the property 47 years ago.

Charles Schulz’s art studio lives on as a one-bedroom home

The midcentury modern home was built by Steele & Van Dyk, the same architecture firm that built the Redwood Empire Ice Arena (aka “Snoopy’s Home Ice,” now part of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA).

The property has been owned by the Rogers family for 47 years, and there have been many discussions over the years about whether or not to enlarge the existing structure.

But in the end, their love for the history behind the studio surpassed any desire to change the home. Instead, they made minor enhancements meant to make the small house more livable.

They reserved all the original details like built-in bookshelves, brass hardware, original lighting, cabinetry, and furnishings. And added some modern upgrades and a king-size bed. 

The end result is an inviting one-bedroom home with one full bath and a powder room, a stone fireplace, and 1,176 square feet of living space.

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Photos by Jim Nevill Productions courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty



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