‘How I Met Your Father’ features Ted & Marshall’s apartment… And it’s the exact same set

If you’ve found yourself wondering whether the How I Met Your Father apartment is the same one used in How I Met Your Mother, the answer is a resounding Yes!

And that became clear from the very first episode of the new series..

Just a few minutes before the end of episode one, Sid and Jessie invite their new friends Sophie (Hilary Duff) and Valentina (Francia Raisa) back to their place for drinks where it’s revealed they live in Ted and Marshall’s (and Lily’s and Robin’s) old apartment.

Sid and Jesse provide context by saying they got it from an ‘old married couple who posted it on the Wesleyan Alumni Group’ and that they ‘even got them to leave their swords’.

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The HIMYF apartment is the same one Ted and Marshall lived in

And the set we see in the spin-off series is the exact same one from HIMYM.

It was kept in storage after the original show wrapped back in 2014 and has now been given a new lease of life with contemporary, navy blue walls and all-new furniture.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger explained exactly why they decided to include the familiar apartment in the spin-off.

“This is very much its own show and we’re telling an entirely new story here,” she said. “But at the same time, we wanted to pay tribute to the original and give this loyal fan base — and we are part of that fan base — something special.”

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