The Nitty Gritty  on Maxine’s Apartment  in ‘Russian Doll’ - the Homeplace of Nadia's Death Loop

The critically acclaimed comedy-drama Russian Doll is now back in  our Netflix queues with Season 2 of  its wildly funny, morbid tale.

But before we unpack the multilayered story lines and time-travel rules in S2, we thought we'd revisit the place where it all started: Maxine's apartment. 

Skillfully portrayed by Greta Lee (The Morning Show, New Girl), Maxine and her apartment provide one of the show’s few constants within a sea of increasing variables.

As Nadia continually dies and comes instantly back to life, she returns to Maxine’s bathroom to start the night over.  But is the apartment real?

Sadly Maxine’s apartment  (with its quirky bathroom door) doesn't exist in real life. The expansive interior was built  on a set.

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The layout of the apartment was  created in concentric paths to give  the feeling of a ‘choose-your-own-adventure game’.

That said, if you want to visit the exterior of Maxine’s apartment, and the fire escape Nadia understandably favors over the interior staircase, you totally can!

Not an old Yeshiva building but in fact a church, it can be found at the corner of 10th Street and Avenue A, also in the East Village.

Other ‘Russian Doll’ filming locations you can visit in real life

If watching the show has you pining to (carefully) walk a mile in Nadia’s ankle boots, you’ll need to know the location of her favorite East Village haunts.

The bar Nadia and Alan hole up in to recreate his first loop is a real establishment.

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It’s called the 7B Horseshoe Bar (aka, Vazacs) and it’s located at 108 Avenue B in the East Village. The bar pops up again in season 2 but, back in 1982, it’s called The Black Gumball.

Other neighborhood favorites include Tompkins Square Park  where Nadia meets homeless amateur hairdresser, Horse.

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Scenes inside the Bodega where Nadia buys her cigarettes and first sees Alan were filmed at Sunny & Annies Deli, 94 Avenue B.

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Story:  Credit for images: Courtesy of Netflix