John Wick’s House is Real – And Just as Complex as Our Favorite Badass Character

Following the long-awaited release of John Wick: Chapter 4, that sees Keanu Reeves reprise the role of the legendary hitman, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane...

And travel back in time to the franchise's first installment, which not only introduced the now-iconic character, but also our personal favorite part of the movie:

Before Wick’s house turns into a shooting range, we get a glimpse of the modern architecture and the home's perfectly appointed interiors.

John Wick's secluded contemporary house

Unfortunately, soon after that, the character’s life is turned upside down and we don't get to see the house  again.

But since it makes such an impression, we were naturally intrigued. So we set out to track the house in real life - and it wasn't all that hard to find. 

Yes, it is! And it’s almost like it was custom-designed for Keanu Reeves’ character.

Is John Wick's house a real home? 

It's set in Mill Neck, N.Y., a small village on the North Shore of Long Island that has a little over 1,000 residents.

The white stucco house was built in 1971, but was heavily renovated in 2009 by Narofsky Architecture/Ways2Design.

It dates back to the '70s

The Narofsky team incorporated a new atrium space to attach to a new wing that included a garage, a maid’s room, and a mudroom.

and turned a three-bedroom suite into a media and recreation room with stunning water views.

The exterior of the house wraps around a courtyard on two sides, where the architects were careful to preserve the age-old cherry and magnolia trees.

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White Frame Corner

Photo credits: Narofsky Architecture / Ways2Design