This $899K Chateau Beachwood unit was once home to Marilyn Monroe

Nestled under the Hollywood sign sits a landmark French Normandy building steeped in Hollywood history.

Chateau Beachwood — a 10-unit complex — was reportedly built in 1937 by Warner Bros. to house the actresses it had under contract back in the day.

Some of the biggest celebrities to live here over the years include Greta Garbo, Marlene Deitrich, and Marilyn Monroe.

In more recent years, the Chateau listed Anne Heche, John Cusack, Sean Penn, and Madonna as its residents.

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Now, a rare two-bedroom unit has been listed for sale in the building, and it’s got quite the history: it was once home to Marilyn Monroe herself!

Listed for $899,000, the former celebrity residence has two bedrooms and two baths. 

Brimming with period details, it has a sun-soaked living area filled with oversized casement windows and strip oak hardwood floors.

The living room leads to the formal dining area and the all-white kitchen.

"“This home has fairy dust all over it," says listing agent Marlena Maidhof, who’s also a former resident of the building.

Set on the upper floor, the two bedrooms feature “wedding cake” relief plasterwork and oversized casement windows.

Marilyn Monroe was famous for changing homes quite often.

She reportedly lived in over 40 residences, with her West Hollywood penthouse and Hollywood Hills mansion being the most prominent ones.

But despite living in so many places, Marilyn only owned one property, a 4-bedroom home in LA (bought shortly before her untimely death at the age of 36).

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