Love is Blind’ locations: Where to find the contestant’s apartments, the pods, and the Malibu retreat

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the 3rd season of Love is Blind to drop only to binge all the episodes in one sitting...

we have a little treat for you until the next episode comes out.

We've tracked down some of the key filming locations for the hit Netflix reality series

And found the pods, the Malibu ranch where they retreat to after the pods, and even the contestants' apartments!

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The place where it all begins. 

The pods


The filming location for the pods are the Trilith Studios in Atlanta.

That's the same place Marvel uses to shoot its movies and TV shows.

But that's not all that surprising, given that Netflix's best shows (including Stranger Things, Ozark, Dynasty, are all filmed in or around Atlanta.

After the pods, the contestants spend their first nights together...

The post-pod honeymoon retreat


.... in Malibu, where the contestants enjoy a one-week stay at the  Calamigos Ranch.

The idyllic ranch is nestled in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu Wine Country.

The sprawling 13-acre property is primarily a special events venue, hosting everything from weddings to corporate events and conferences.

For Season 3, the Love is Blind production crew headed to Texas.

The contestants’ apartments


The contestants’ apartments are in The Jewel on Landmark, a modern apartment community in Addison, TX, a suburb of Dallas.

The apartments were provided by Landing, a flexible living company for renters who want move-in-ready apartments without being tied to a lease.

While all Landing apartments are offered fully furnished, the team went the extra mile for the Love is Blind contestants.

They even played Goldilocks for a while, testing out linens and mattresses to ensure “a heavenly sleep experience for the reality show cast.”

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Credit for  photos: Landing,  Netflix, Patrick Wymore