RHCP bassist Flea's house: A hilltop compound with a 7-sided home and Richard Neutra connections

Michael Peter Balzary, known professionally as Flea, is parting ways with his two-home compound in La Crescenta, Calif.

Flea is hoping to fetch $8.8 million  for the place he and wife Melody have called home for the past 4 years.

And he's likely looking at a quick sale, as the property is truly one-of-a-kind.  

Especially since it consists of not one, but two architecturally significant homes.

The main house is a futuristic, heptagon-shaped structure with an open-air courtyard at the center.

Designed by AD100 architect Michael Maltzan, the futuristic home is surrounded by seven exterior walls (some made out of glass).

Stand-out features include a particularly unique bathroom with  a blue curved penny-tiled wall surrounding the shower.

There's also a 1,350 sq ft midcentury home on the property, designed by legendary architect Richard Neutra. 

Neutra, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, built  it for his secretary, Dorothy Serulnic, back in 1953.

He designed several built-ins including a sofa system with record player and concealed speakers, and a sliding breakfast nook.

While the two architecturally significant homes get all the attention, there’s also a third – albeit tiny – structure on the property.

A small cabin built by artist and craftsman Peter Staley provides a little extra space for guests — and an eye-grabbing feature.

The Australian-born musician bought the compound back in 2018 and has been living  here with wife Melody Ehsani for over 4 years. 

He's made some significant upgrades during his ownership — including commissioning Maltzan to design a 875-square-foot addition to the main house.

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Story: FancyPantsHomes.com  Credit for images: COMPASS /  Cameron Carothers / Joe Seer /  Andrea Raffin /Shutterstock.com