You Can Buy the House Where Frank Herbert  Wrote ‘Dune’

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The San Francisco house where Frank Herbert penned one of the best-selling science fiction books of all time is now up for grabs.

Herbert wrote the first Dune book while living in this two-bedroom home in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood with his wife and two sons. 

At the time, he was working the afternoon-to-midnight shift as a picture editor at the San Francisco Examiner, spending his mornings writing his novel. 

Despite hardships, he managed to publish his book in 1965, spawning one of the biggest science fiction franchises — that’s now back in the limelight thanks to the masterful adaptation by Denis Villeneuve.

While he moved on to another residence  by the time Dune was published in 1965, the 412 Mississippi Street home retains bragging rights for fueling the author’s imagination and creativity.

Now on the market asking $1,595,000,   the house sits on Potrero Hill’s coveted North Slope, in San Francisco.

With two bedrooms and one bath, the 1,175-square-foot home retains much of its original charm, complemented by upgrades made by the owners throughout the years.

The property also has an Airbnb-registered  rental space - which can be turned into a great revenue stream, allowing the new owner to capitalize on the history of the property.

One thing’s for sure: die-hard fans that end up staying here (or owning this San Francisco home) will likely be ecstatic to know its history — and the role it played as backdrop to one of the greatest works of the sci-fi genre.

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Story: Credit for images: Coldwell Banker