Lucifer’s Den of Sin &  Luxury Penthouse. How to Spot Lux on the Los Angeles Skyline 

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As Tom Ellis' charming Lucifer is wrapping up his exciting ride as a  crime-fighting devil in the City of Angels  — and his tenure as the deal-making owner of Lux —

We thought this is the perfect time to answer one of the biggest questions the show left unanswered... 

Is Lux a real place? If we are to take Lucifer’s example and go vacation in Los Angeles, will we spot Lux on the city’s skyline?

As it turns out, we just might.

Only it will look slightly different than in  the Netflix series (and no, it neither hosts a nightclub, nor does it comes with a posh penthouse above it).

And that's because the Lux nightclub doesn't exist in real life. But the building itself does, and you can find it on the  city’s skyline, if you know where to look.

In fact, TWO very real buildings served  as inspiration (and placeholders) for the glamorous structure shown in the Netflix series.

Exterior shots of Lux actually show the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunset Boulevard — albeit with a little CGI on top  of it, to add the penthouse and make the building more attractive.

The Sunset Tower Hotel


At one point, Lucifer himself hints at the historic building's glamorous past, mentioning the prohibition tunnels in the cellar, which “Howard Hughes used to  sneak his mistresses away from his other mistresses.”

The restored movie palace on  Hollywood Blvd.  masquerades as  Lux's exterior and entrance throughout  the series.

The El Capitan Theater


Dating back to 1926, El Capitan was dubbed “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama,” and was the place where Orson Welles held the world premiere of his iconic Citizen Kane.

There are also quite a few other real-life locations (also in Los Angeles)  that made their way to our screens.

Burnaby City Hall serves as filming location for the police station scenes, with the Parker Center used for aerial views. Chloe’s daughter’s school is the Dorris Place Elementary School.

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Story: Credit for images: NETFLIX