A Recap of All the  Glamorous Condos and  Houses Featured in  ‘And Just Like That…’

by Ioana Neamt

If you’re daydreaming about all the glamorous apartments and houses in the Sex And The City reboot, you’re not alone.

Carrie and Big’s Apartment on Fifth Avenue


in love, living in a luxurious apartment on Fifth Avenue.

As And Just Like That… gets started, we find Carrie in the same place she was when we left her in Sex and the City 2:

The apartment is a seamless mix of Carrie’s and Big’s styles, combining  the classic with the modern and fashionable. The result is timeless elegance, in every room.

Inside, we find a massive closet, a spacious, ornate lobby and a beautiful library stacked wall-to-wall with books. There’s even room for a Peloton, but we won’t go into that…

Carrie’s (Almost) New Loft  in Tribeca


Unfortunately, Carrie and Big’s marriage is cut short in And Just Like That…, and Carrie finds it difficult to continue to live in her former love  nest as she grieves.

So she enlists the help of her new friend and realtor Seema Patel, who finds her   a new light-filled, bright, ultra-modern apartment in Tribeca

But after just one day spent in the blindingly-white apartment overlooking the Hudson River, Carrie decides that it’s not her style.

Carrie’s Home Sweet Home on the Upper East Side


So she moves back to her cozy apartment on the Upper East Side,  on East 73rd Street (in reality, Perry Street in the West Village).

The iconic brownstone is the one we associate with Carrie the most, though it has changed a little bit over the years. But the closet is remarkably similar to the one from its Sex and The City days.

Charlotte’s Apartment on Park Avenue


The luxury residence, where Charlotte now lives with her second husband, Harry, and their two daughters, is the same one from the original Sex And  The City show.

The penthouse suite, which Charlotte got in her divorce settlement with Trey, reflects her personality 100%, and is probably the most luxurious home in the series.

Charlotte’s apartment features the only real address in the series, 930 Park Ave..

A unit of this size on Park Avenue, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, would be worth about $6 million. Way to go, Charlotte!

Miranda’s House in Brooklyn


When Miranda first moved to Brooklyn in season 6 of Sex And the City, the decision was met with shock. How  could she leave Manhattan? For Brooklyn? Even cabs won’t go there!

But leaving Manhattan came with benefits, as it turns out. Lots of privacy, a spacious backyard, a cozy fireplace, and a charming staircase, to name just a few.

And Just Like That... finds Miranda in the same place, geographically, sharing a townhouse in Prospect Heights with Steve and their son Brady.

But emotionally, she’s somewhere else entirely.

At the end of the season, Miranda announces that she will be moving to Los Angeles to be with Che, so it’s safe to say that she’s leaving her Brooklyn home behind.

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Story:  Credit for images: Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max