The Waterford house and other key Handmaid’s Tale filming locations, unveiled

With its sixth and final season set to air in 2024 (SAG-AFTRA depending), The Handmaid’s Tale is still as captivating and poignant today as it was when it first aired six years ago.

The television series, like the book that preceded it, has created a world in which we never want to step foot. And yet, we want to know all we can about how it came to be.

Join us as we discover the most important filming locations -- that play as big of a role in the show as its critically acclaimed cast members.

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First off, is Gilead a real place?

No. The totalitarian Republic of Gilead as depicted in The Handmaid’s Tale is not a real place.

Fictionally, Offred’s story takes place in what was formerly known as Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

However, most of the series so far has been shot in and around Toronto, Canada.

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Fred & Serena Waterford’s House

Arguably the most memorable location of the series, the Waterford house is home to Offred, her commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes), and his wife Serena (Yvonne Strahovski).

The house is located at 105 Aberdeen Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario and is a sprawling 19th-century mansion with seven bedrooms and 12ft ceilings.

Filming here included shots of the exterior as well as scenes inside the sitting room. Meanwhile, the greenhouse and the garage, including Nick’s apartment on top of it, were added to the 1893-built residence, especially for the show.

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Other recognizable Handmaid’s Tale filming locations

Known as the location of ‘the wall’, where Giliadean’s labeled as criminals are hung, the river path we see Offred (June) and Ofglen walk together in season one is, in real life, located in Mill Race Park.



The River Path – Mill Race Park, Cambridge

In series one, Commander Waterford and June steal away to a secret brothel named Jezebels attended by Gilead’s top commanders.



Jezebels – Fairmont Royal York Hotel

These scenes were filmed at the Fairmont Royal York, a luxury Toronto hotel steeped in history that dates all the way back to 1907.

It’s where it all starts in Gilead. Offred and the others are sent to The Red Centre to learn how to be handmaids. Scenes here were shot in two places. The Church of St. Aidan’s in Toronto and King George School in Hamilton.



The Red Centre –  The Church of St. Aidan

Certainly, the most welcoming location in the series, June and Luke’s Canadian abode is one of the only properties located in the country it’s depicted in. The house is located at 11 Williams Street in Weston, Toronto.



June, Luke, & Moira’s house in Canada 

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Photo credit: George Kraychyk / Jasper Savage / Hulu