Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Sprawling Thrombey Mansion From Knives Out

With one of the best ‘whodunit’ scripts  to grace our screens in decades, an incredible all-star cast, and a devilishly mysterious mansion setting to  top it all off,

it’s no wonder we’re all so enthralled by Knives Out and the epic locations where its eternally compelling plot unfolds.

If you’ve yet to watch the movie and set eyes on the wonder that is the Thrombey estate, prepare to be utterly wowed.

Its extravagant Gothic exterior will take your breath away, while the inside of the home is filled with the most fascinating historical artifacts. And enough books to fill the Library of Congress!

Yes! And, also no. While many aspects of the house are shot in real-life locations, the upper floor seen in the movie was actually built on a sound stage.

So, is the Knives Out house real?

Exterior shots of the Knives Out house were filmed at a breathtaking gothic revival mansion located just outside of Boston.

It’s therefore not possible to visit the grounds of the estate.

The mansion is a private residence whose owners wish to keep its name and exact location private. 

The majority of scenes set inside the house were filmed at a completely different location — the famous  Ames Mansion in Boston.

The Ames Mansion is a stunning 20-room property located in Borderland State Park in Boston, MA, whose history dates all the way back to 1871.

If it looks familiar, that’s because you've likely seen it before! The Ames mansion was also features in movies like Shutter Island, and the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.

Although the Ames Mansion was the perfect backdrop for many of the movie’s most iconic scenes, it didn’t have a space that befitted Harlan’s study. So, onto location #3! 

Harlan’s sophisticated office set and the adjoining hallway were built on a sound stage in just three weeks!

Since the production team couldn’t find the perfect space, they decided to create one instead. 

With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a cozy reading nook, and a desk surrounded by Harlan’s color-coded post-it notes, it completed the home and provided the ideal location for the movie’s most crucial scene to play out.

To adorn the office, the Knives Out art department had a series of novels specially made. Director Rian Johnson himself created the titles, two books for each year Harlan Thrombey had been a writer.

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Story:  Credit for images: Claire Folger courtesy of LIONSGATE