A Long Island house shines in ‘Leave The World Behind’, Netflix's new postapocalyptic thriller

Netflix’s latest bid for the upcoming Oscars season brings together stellar acting from both well-established and emerging stars, an eerie atmosphere, and a story that’s immensely captivating — even when not much is happening.

And at the center of the action (or lack of, at times) is a beautifully appointed house that perfectly contrasts the chaos the characters are surrounded with.

While most postapocalyptic movies build elaborate sets to serve as a backdrop for the production, Sam Esmail’s movie was filmed on location at a real-life house in Long Island.

You’ll find the Leave The World Behind house in Old Westbury, a charming village in Nassau County, on the North Shore of Long Island in New York.

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Known as the Open Corner House, the Long Island residence is a striking modern farmhouse that was completely rebuilt in recent years, after the former French-style home on the property burned down.

So owners Roula and Fotis hired award-winning New York-based The Up Studio to design the 5,200-square-foot contemporary farmhouse as a home for their family.

From the layout — which was restructured to better fit the L-shaped lot and maximize nature views —

to the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows, dark steel accents, and warm wood floors, THE UP STUDIO created a bright, light-filled, and modern home, one they didn’t  expect the entire world to see.

John Patrick Winberry, a partner at The Up Studio, admitted that he “didn’t know he was designing for a movie apocalypse when he started the project with his team, but the house has a cinematic quality all the same.”

The house’s beauty didn’t go unnoticed.

Well before it was a glam Airbnb rented by Julia Roberts, the Old Westbury house was featured in quite a few home design magazines, including Home Adore and Dwell.

You can take a full tour of the Leave The World Behind house by watching the full Dwell interview with both the home’s designers and its owners.

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Photos courtesy of Netflix / YouTube