‘Big Little Lies’ houses: Tracking down the Monterey Five’s stunning California homes

With an onslaught of non-stop drama, a slew of Hollywood heavyweights, and plenty of breathtaking filming locations, HBO’s Big Little Lies was always destined to be a raving success.

Luckily, the two-season drama based on Liane Moriarty’s 2014 smash-hit book of the same name didn’t disappoint.

It did, however, switch up the location of the action basing the Monterey five in California instead of Australia. 

Now, if you loved Big Little Lies’ striking houses just as much as the gripping storyline, we’ve tracked down every single one of them. Road trip to Monterey anyone?

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Celeste’s House


The only house actually situated in the Monterey area belongs to Celeste and Perry (Nicole Kidman & Alexander Skarsgård).

This interior designer’s dream of a home is a rental property in Carmel, a particularly wealthy part of Monterey. Some of its interiors can be seen in the show, like the deck and dining area.

Madeline’s House


Gourmet chef’s kitchen? Check. Two master suites? Check. A sprawling ocean view patio complete with an outdoor fireplace and a private beach? Check!

Located in Malibu, not Monterey, the 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom mansion (which also boasts an 80-foot beach lot) is arguably the most enviable on the show. The real-life house is worth over $9 million.

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Thinking you’ve seen Madeline’s house somewhere before? That's because you did! It was also used for Hannah Montana!

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Renata’s House


Also located in Malibu, is Renata’s seriously enviable hilltop home on Winding Way.

Oozing luxury with its epic ocean views, gigantic pool, and sweeping white concrete staircase, this home would set you back a whopping $13.7 million dollars!

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According to The New York Times, the house has also been featured in countless television ads, as well as television series like  90210, Revenge,  and Brothers & Sisters.

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Jane's House


If your real estate tastes are a little more modest, perhaps you’re most interested in Jane’s grounded family home.

This cute craftsman-style bungalow can be found at 161 North Chester Avenue, a quaint tree-lined street in Pasadena. values the property to be worth around $900,000!

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Bonnie's House


In comparison to the other ladies’ houses, not including Jane’s, Bonnie’s earthy, woodland-inspired residence is relatively affordable.

You’ll find the quirky 4-bed, 3-bath eco-style home at 636 Crater Camp Road in Calabasas and, though it’s not currently on the market, estimates its worth at around $3 million.

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Aside from walking in the footsteps of your favorite Hollywood stars, there are plenty of reasons to visit Monterey if you can. Most notably, the swoon-worthy filming locations pictured in the show!

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Photos courtesy of HBO / Bell Media