Where is the Castle from The Royal Treatment? And is Lavania a Real Place?  We Tracked Them Down

No fairy tale is complete without  a beautiful castle.

And the makers of Netflix's The Royal Treatment knew that all too well, that's why they picked a real life castle to feature in the hit movie.

Said to be set in the fictional kingdom of Lavania, the castle we see in the movie is actually in New Zealand, on the scenic Otago Peninsula. 

The royal palace is called Larnach Castle, and is known as “New Zealand’s only castle”.

It was built in 1874 and it's a popular tourist destination in Dunedin, NZ - the real life version of Lavania.

Since 1967, Larnach Castle has been privately owned and opened to the public as a tourist attraction.  Which means that Yes, you can visit it  in real life, once travel restrictions are lifted. 

But don't expect the interiors to look familiar. Interior scenes of the royal residence were filmed at a completely different location.

A historic home known as the  Olveston House served as filming location for all the interior scenes.

The house dates back to the early  1900s, when it was built for a wealthy merchant.

The house's owners were big patrons  of the arts, holding vast collections of art, ceramics, and furniture — which are still inside the Olveston House — making it a perfect fit for the role. 

Both locations are open to the public,  if you're willing to travel all the way  to New Zealand.

The island country plays the role of Lavania on the hit Netflix film. 

If you've fallen in love with the movie's stunning landscapes, you’ll find them on the mesmerizing Otago Peninsula, which acts as backdrop to “the kingdom of Lavania.”

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Story:  Credit for images: Kirsty Griffin / Netflix / Ulrich Lange / macronix / Wikimedia Commons