Is the Yellowstone ranch real? We found the sprawling Dutton ranch in real life

Since episode one, Yellowstone has been rife with unexpected twists and turns. Always coaxing us to the edges of our seats, always leaving us wondering what could possibly happen next.

The biggest questions for TV home buffs like us though? Where do they film the show? Is Yellowstone ranch even real? And, most importantly, is the location open to visitors?

Yes! The Dutton ranch is actually a very real 106-year-old cattle ranch in Darby, Montana called Chief Joseph Ranch — and it’s even more impressive in real life.

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Is the Yellowstone ranch real?

You’ll find it on the Appaloosa Trail in Darby, Montana, which is about a five-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park.

Fun fact: there’s even a Yellowstone Ranch sign out front. The current owners welcome fans to take pictures of the sign, so it’s worth stopping by if you ever find yourself in the area.

Also yes! Much to our delight — and genuine surprise — the ranch’s website says that you can stay overnight inside two of the show’s most recognizable filming locations.

Can you visit the Yellowstone ranch?

Lee Dutton’s cabin (The Fisherman cabin) and Rips’s cabin (The Ben Cook cabin) both welcome visitors.

You can even fish on the property during your stay and bring your horses along. If you, you know, actually happen to own any horses.

That makes it a must for avid fans of the show, however, if you do plan to head to Chief Joseph Ranch any time soon, you might want to start saving… like, yesterday.

Per night, Lee Dutton’s cabin costs $1,200 and Rip’s cabin is an even steeper $1,500. There’s also a three-night minimum stay policy so popping in for a quick look around isn’t possible.

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Photos courtesy of Paramount Network