Joe Rogan’s house in Austin, Texas is a $14.4 million lakeside retreat. See inside!

Cashing in his podcasting pennies, Joe and his family decided to leave sunny Cali behind and took up residence in a beautiful mansion next to Lake Austin.

According to Rogan, the Lone Star State — and the multi-million dollar dream house he found there — is the perfect place to call home.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Rogan’s house in Austin is one of the most exclusive (and downright gorgeous) properties in the area. So let's take a quick  tour of this beautiful celebrity home. 

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According to Dirt.com, the massive lakeside mansion boasts 10,980 square feet and features 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Located on Lake Austin, the Tuscan-style estate was built in 2006 and was listed for $7.25 million in 2015.

Designer Benjamin Wood and his philanthropist wife Theresa Castellano Wood are the former owners of the elegant abode (and it shows). 

They’re also the ones who added the Asian-inspired and modern upgrades, which add a wow factor to the already-impressive home.

Rogan’s house includes an open floorplan with the dining room, living room and library all sharing one space.

With rustic farmhouse vibes, the open kitchen includes two islands, antique cabinets and plenty of room for Joe’s favorite wild meat meals.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the family-of-five can couch it while glancing out at the four acres of spectacular views on their private property.

Of course, the UFC commentator has a customized home gym with all the bells and whistles. And did we mention his fully-equipped podcast room?

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Credit for photos: Peter Vitale  | Benjamin Wood