The Ever-Changing Vision Residence in WandaVision: Magical Interiors Through the Decades

When you live in a house created by chaos magic

that jumps a decade every seven days, ‘Life moves pretty fast in the suburbs’.

The series takes us on  an interior design journey 

As the home featured on the Disney+ show shifts forward a complete decade each week, 

starting with the  black-and-white 1950s...

and journeying all the way through  to modern-day aesthetics. 

Was by no means an easy feat,  with a whole crew working on the sets   to make them look authentic.

But recreating interiors typical to each decade 

they used a combination of second-hand and vintage furniture, 

For the first two episodes, which perfectly encapsulate the American middle-class design aesthetic of the 50s

Fun fact: They even filmed the episode in front of a live audience! 

replicating the design style of  sitcoms such as I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners.

Over the next few episodes,

we see the home transform into picture-perfect '70s and '80s style interiors...

and see Brady Bunch influences  with interior rock walls, dark wood furniture, and multi-colored  clerestory windows.

WandaVision’s crazy  busy filming schedule

sometimes meant production had  just 12 hours to refit an entire location to film the next episode.

And speaking of  filming locations...

you might be wondering if you could  go visit the town of Westview on your  next trip to New Jersey.

But unfortunately, 

The town we see is actually a movie set located on the Warner Brothers Ranch in Burbank, California.

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Story:  All photos courtesy of Marvel Studios