Where is The Circle filmed? We found the apartment building in real life

With a new season out, Netflix’s popular reality competition series The Circle is once again pitting competitors against each other

to see who’s the most popular influencer of the bunch — with a $100,000 reward promised to the one who succeeds.

Now, while we watch the contestants pretend either to be the best versions of themselves OR pretend to be other people altogether, there are a few questions left unanswered:

Is The Circle apartment building real? Or is it just another catfish-type of situation? And is there an actual giant circle on the building? 

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We were wondering the same thing, so we set out to find the apartment building from The Circle in real life — and it wasn’t all that hard.

That’s because the same apartment building was used to film all the different versions of the show (The Circle UK, The Circle France and The Circle Brazil).

In real life, The Circle building (with its quirky, colorful apartments) is located a continent away, in England.

The entire show was filmed in a newly developed residential building in Salford, UK, right outside of Manchester.

The building is the Adelphi Wharf development, a 206-unit apartment building that comes with a private gym, landscaped rooftop gardens, and waterfront views.

The building was first home to the British TV series of the same name, with each international version of the show keeping it as a filming location.

Now that you know where The Circle was filmed, you might be wondering if  there’s an actual circle slapped on the building like we see on the show. And apparently, there is one!

On the outside of The Circle building is a large, lit-up circle made of a roughly 82-foot diameter aluminum track with LED lights strung through and around the circle.

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All images courtesy of Netflix