Where to find Edward Scissorhands’ house, castle, and town in real life

Edward’s bothersome blade fingers were certainly a work of fiction, but can the same be said about his town, the Boggs’ house, and that foreboding castle on the hill?

Join us as we answer all of these lingering questions, 30+ years after Edward Scissorhands' cinematic release.

If like me you’ve always been utterly convinced these perfect pastel homes had to be the work of Hollywood’s finest set builders, well, you’d be absolutely – wrong!

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Was the town in Edward Scissorhands real?

Believe it or not, the houses are real — you’ll find the Edward Scissorhands neighborhood in Tinsmith Circle in Lutz, Florida — but the houses are much more ordinary-looking than you'd think.

Onscreen, they only looked the way they did thanks to heaps of paint and plenty of creative vision from director Tim Burton, production designer Bo Welch, and art director Tom Duffield.

Yes, it is! The Edward Scissorhands house is located at 1774 Tinsmith Circle, in Lutz, Florida — and it looks just like it did in the movie.

Is the Boggs’ house real?

Built in 1989, this 3 bed, 2 bath family home was, coincidentally, put on the market for $700,000 in 2022, meaning we all got to take a closer look inside.

To our absolute delight, the owner at the time, Joey Klops, had decked out the living space with wall-to-wall Edward Scissorhands memorabilia.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the house, era-appropriate wallpaper gives the home a decidedly Boggs-inspired feel while a life-sized Edward mannequin stands proudly in the corner of the kitchen.

Okay, time to be seriously shocked because as it turns out, Edward’s castle is also real! Or rather, it was real, for a limited period of time.

How about Edward Scissorhands' castle?

The production team had found the only hill in Florida located in Dade city and built a full-sized castle on it - which, unfortunately, has since been dismantled. 

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