Is Madre Linda Real?  Tracking Down Joe and Love’s Dreamy Hell-burban Home from ‘You’ Season 3

by Sophie Cook

Well, hello there. Who are you Here to find out the location of Joe and Love’s charming Madre Linda abode?  Okay, I’ll bite…

After two nail-biting seasons set  in NYC and LA, season 3 transported  Joe and his new, equally bloodthirsty wife, Love, to an entirely new location.

The rolling hills and picturesque  tree-lined streets of Madre Linda, a ‘soulless, wealthy suburb outside  San Francisco.’

If you too have been frantically googling its coordinates in hopes of  a visit or relocation, I’m sorry to say, it's time to call off the search.

Unfortunately, the suburb of Madre Linda as we see it on the Netflix show doesn’t exist in real life.

The house we see in Season 3 of You  is actually set in Van Nuys, the most densely populated neighborhood in  the San Fernando Valley area of L.A.

But location isn’t the only stand-out feature of the charming family home.  It has:


4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms


newly renovated interiors 


a sprawling backyard with a large waterfall pool


It’ll come as no surprise then that estimates that the house would command a whopping $2M  of ‘Quinn Family Blood money’.

Since the name of the suburb is fictional, you’re probably wondering where it came from. 

It could be a mash-up of two different areas in California. Sierra Madre and Yorba Linda perhaps?

While that’s likely true (as the latter is one of the wealthiest cities in Orange County), many have pointed out that ‘Madre Linda’ translates to ‘pretty mother’ in Spanish.

Which could also be a nod to Love’s  new parent status or a fun poke at a town seemingly run by a clique of  young blogger moms.

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Story:  Credit for images: JOHN P. FLEENOR / NETFLIX

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